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Was ist Beldia Hash?


Of all the different types of hash, there is one known to be the crème de la crème among cannabis aficionados; Beldia Hash from Morocco. Let us tell you everything you need to know about this wonderful variety!

What is Beldia Hash? Moroccan Beldia

Beldia Hash is a Moroccan hash, sometimes also known as “Moroccan Beldia”.

Why Beldia? It roughly translates as “local”, “native”, “traditional”, or “from here”, which explains how the term was coined.

Its origins can be found in the Rif region of Morocco, where it was first produced at the end of the 60s.

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If we go back to the psychedelic 60s, it is safe to say that Beldia Hash quickly became a firm favorite for a lot of smokers, especially due to its unique sweetness.

The plant itself has also gained popularity as being one of the most prized ingredients for the production of Moroccan Kief and Blond Pollen.

However, overtime foreign genetics have gradually been incorporated. This has attracted even more fame to the plant. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find Beldia Hash, especially if you are looking for it in its purest form.

Better yet, Beldia Hash is still produced using traditional methods, which further enhances its reputation and has even led it to be considered as one of the most valuable hashes in the world.

Beldia Hash Properties

On occasions, a product is only famous due to its scarcity. But that is not the case with Beldia Hash, as it also has some impressive organoleptic properties.

Its sweetness is what most people associate with it. It has even been compared with honey! If we dive a little deeper we can also find hints of flowers and spices, all of which are related to this special region. When it comes to its aroma, it is measured but with balanced nuances that make it truly unique.

This hash is also enormously popular because it is to everyone’s taste. Its smooth and moderate intensity makes for a much more pleasant smoking experience than found with other strains.

In terms of its color, it is predominantly golden but is also seen in duskier shades such as dark brown. It all depends on the production technique used, as well as the quality of the plant itself.

The Beldia Hash plant is quite a small plant, but resistant. It is able to grow in harsh conditions, although the Moroccan climate and Rif soil appear to be exactly to its liking.

The seeds are usually planted between February and March. By June, if everything goes to plan, the plants should start to flower. They are harvested at the start of August.

What about fertilizers? The truth is expert producers do not pay too much attention to them. It is a plant that does not need many fertilizers and grows just fine with a little water. Another natural benefit of Beldia Hash!

Unfortunately, climate change has not made things easy for this plant and “competition” has caused its production to substantially drop. This means that finding Beldia Hash and being able to enjoy its high quality is becoming increasingly difficult.

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