The best rolling tobacco tubes from Smoking

No time, no space, or embarrassment…there are many reasons as to why we choose a pre-rolled commercial cigarette over rolling our own, despite them being more expensive and more harmful. But rolling tobacco is an art, and we are not all born artists. However, this can be all be solved with Smoking’s rolling tubes, your problems are over! Your Smoking rolling paper and your favourite filters, but already prepared and ready to smoke. How? Don’t believe us? Well, pay attention, this will interest you!

A wide variety of tubes to smoke tobacco: King Size, menthol… and more!

Smoking tobacco in a tube is much easier than rolling it. It may not be the experience that every smoker is after, but it is certainly easier. This is especially true if you have a tube filling machine like our Standard Filling Machine, for regular sizes, or the Long Filling Machine, for King Size tubes. We can forget about trying to roll the perfect cigarette or making sure the filters don’t fall out.

We currently offer three different models:

  • Extra Long Filter Tubes: This is the same diameter and length of tube, but with an extra-long 24mm filter. It is perfect for smoking less tobacco while better at filtering out any impurities.
  • Tubes: Rolling tobacco tube with an 8mm diameter and an 84mm length. There are three different options: 100, 200, and 275 units.
  • Menthol Tubes: Menthol tubes using menthol filters. The same diameter and length of tube, 8mm and 84mm, respectively.

Smoking’s tobacco tubes are designed so that you can “pick up and fill up”, making them very easy to use!