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Was ist Bio-Tabak?


Organic tobacco is gaining more and more popularity among smokers of different ages. In recent years it has become a real boom, both among producers and consumers. Do you know why?

What does it mean for a tobacco to be “organic”?

Unlike traditional tobacco, organic tobacco is grown in fields without elements that are considered harmful, that is, without pesticides, fertilizers or other chemical components. 

As with food, organic tobacco is considered a more environmentally friendly product since during its process no type of chemical product is used that damages the earth or the planet. However, the tobacco plant is prone to disease and pests. That is why, without the help of pesticides, organic tobacco needs much more attention and care from producers than traditional tobacco. 

Is organic tobacco less harmful?

The organic cigarette is one that has been made using organic tobacco and to which no type of chemical additive has been added later. It is precisely because of this characteristic, because it is free of chemical additives, that it is generally considered a healthier tobacco.

Thus, being toxin free, organic tobacco is less harmful to both the environment and humans. 

Organic rolling papers

As with tobacco, there are also currently organic rolling papers, among which are:

  • Organic Double Window Regular: this is a double and ecological rolling paper. In fact, being made with 100% hemp with bio certification, it is the most ecological option of Smoking Paper. It is grown without pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides. In addition, this unbleached paper offers the best gluing in a single pass. 
  • Organic King Size: the Organic range  also has rolling paper in King Size format, a larger paper (108×44 MM), perfect for those who want to enjoy a greater amount of tobacco in a single cigar. In addition, belonging to the gama Organic of Smoking Paper, it is ecological, sustainable and made with natural hemp. In addition, for every Organic product purchased, Smoking Paper donates a portion of its sales to Trees For The Future for its reforestation project in Sub-SaharanAfrica. 
  • Organic King Size+ Tips: this pack combines 33 ready-to-cut cardboard filters next to organic paper in maxi format. Like the package without filters, it is rolling paper made of hemp, 100% vegetable and BIO certified. It is an ultra-thin and slow-burning paper.
  • Organic Medium: Like the brand’s other organic papers, Organic Medium has also been made from 100% organic hemp. It has 50 sheets per booklet and a somewhat larger size (77 X 44 MM) than that of a normal rolling cigar. It guarantees excellent gluing in a single pass. 
  • Organic Regular: within the Organic range of Smoking Paper, it is one of the most demanded formats due to its comfort of having an average size. Like the other models, it is a product inadditives or chemicals. The most eco-friendly option of Smoking Paper in a size of 69×37 MM.

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