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Wie intubiert man eine Zigarette richtig?


Learning how to fill a cigarette tub can be a useful way to use up and enjoy your rolling tobacco. A different, simple, and quick way to prepare your smoke in a matter of seconds. 

Below, Smoking Papers tells you how to fill your smoking tube and the various benefits of using a tube filling machine like the ones available from Smoking Paper. 

How does a tube filling machine work?

If you want to learn how to fill your cigarette tubes with a machine, you first have to prepare all the items and utensils you are going to need. You will need some empty tubes with filters, a good smoking tube filling machine, and your favourite tobacco. If you prefer, at Smoking Paper, we also have extra-long tubes and menthol tubes.

Once you have learnt how to correctly use your tube filling machine, you’ll have perfectly rolled cigarettes that look as if they were factory rolled. With the Smoking Paper tube filling machine you can roll over 10 cigarettes per minute!

How much tobacco do we use?

The amount of tobacco depends on a variety of factors such as the size of the tube, the capacity of the filling machine, and the preference of the smoker. In general, a single cigarette has around 1 to 1.5 grams of tobacco.

Step by step guide on how to fill the perfect smoking tube

Learn how to correctly fill a cigarette tube with this step by step guide:

  • STEP 1: Once you have everything you need, place your tobacco in the loading area, or the funnel. 
  • STEP 2: Fill the tube as much as you can and press down the tobacco as firmly as you like. 
  • STEP 3: Once the tobacco is evenly distributed, place the tube in the corresponding holder. 
  • STEP 4: Pull down the lever (with other models you may just have to push a button) and the tobacco will go into the tube. 
  • STEP 5: Enjoy your smoke!

Smoking tubes and filters

Smoking Paper has the best tubes and filters to fill cigarette tubes, ensuring highly professional results. Thanks to these quality products and tools, you will have a factory standard rolled cigarette in a matter of seconds. Smoking Paper also has a wide range of tubes to provide the experience that each smoker is looking for. 

  1. Regular tubes: tobacco tubes with an 8 mm diameter and an 84 mm length. There are currently three different options: 100, 200, and 275 units.
  2. Extra Long Filter Tubes: these have the same diameter and tube length, but with an extra-long tube of 24 mm. This feature makes these tubes the perfect option for those who want to smoke less tobacco and also filter out as many impurities as possible. 
  3. Menthol Tubes: thanks to its unique filter, consumers are able enjoy a light menthol flavour with each puff. The same diameter and length of tube: 8mm and 84mm, respectively.

As you can see, Smoking Paper’s cigarette tubes are designed based on the needs and tastes of our consumers. In addition to being simple to use, they also add a lot of quality to each puff.

Take a look at our website to see the different types of cigarette tubes currently available, as well as any accessories or other items that may be of interest to you.

Other ways to roll tobacco

Rolling your own tobacco is many people’s favorite way of smoking a cigarette, but there are alternatives. For example, rolling machines.

They are so simple! All you have to do is separate the machine’s rollers, put as much tobacco as you like in the space in between, and a filter at one end. Then just place an open rolling paper on one of the rollers and start turning.

In just a few seconds you will have a fully rolled cigarette that is ready to smoke! It’s that easy!

You decide your favorite method. At the end of the day, rolling tobacco is the same tobacco used in these machines. So, which model to choose?

While you can choose from different tube filling machines, there are also different rolling machine models available too.

At Smoking Paper you can find the machine that best suits your taste! They come in all sizes: Medium Size, Regular Size and King Size.

They also come with different finishes. You can choose from the practical methacrylate option, which is resistant, durable, and easy to use. Or if you like there are metal rolling machines, with exclusive eye-catching designs that are also highly resistant.

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