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Wie man Tabakgeruch von jedem Ort entfernt


The smell of tobacco can be very unpleasant if it gets on the furniture, hair or clothes. Luckily, there are different ways and simple tricks with which to eliminate this unpleasant smell once and for all. 


From Smoking Paper we want to share with you our best tips to remove the smell of tobacco from anywhere… Even the car!


Eliminate the smell of tobacco

When you smoke it is really difficult to get anything around you to smell of tobacco. That the smell of tobacco remains in the house, on clothes, in the car or in the hair is a consequence that almost always accompanies smoking.


Whether it’s because you don’t smoke or because you smoke, but you don’t like the bad smell that tobacco can leave behind, at Smoking Paper we have selected some of the best tricks to get rid of the smell of cigarettes and smoke in a matter of minutes.


How to remove the smell of tobacco?

The smell given off by tobacco is strong and, therefore, it usually remains impregnated in furniture, walls, textiles, hair… If you want to eliminate it completely, follow these tricks:


Remove the smell of tobacco from the house

There is a fabulous product to eliminate the smell of tobacco in the house: vinegar. Mix half a cup of hot water with a quarter cup of vinegar in a small container.


Place this bowl (with the mixture) in those rooms that smell of tobacco and you will see how in a few hours the smell has diminished considerably. Although vinegar is a highly effective product for eliminating odors in environments and objects, you may not get the desired results if the smell is very strong. In such a case, we recommend using essential oils or incense burners to add a good smell to the place.


Removing the smell of tobacco from the car

The car is one of the places where it is most difficult to eliminate the smell of tobacco, but it is not impossible! Without a doubt, ventilate and carry out a general cleaning of the vehicle is the first thing you should do to get a good smell inside. We recommend using baking soda diluted in water to neutralize the smell and disinfect everything well and thoroughly. 


If after cleaning you still notice the smell of tobacco, you can leave a cup with ammonia overnight so that it absorbs the bad smell well. Also, if there was tobacco in the ashtray, you should wash it well and you can fill it later with ground coffee so that it gives off a pleasant aroma. 


Removing the smell of tobacco from clothes

Baking soda is once again our best ally to also remove the smell of tobacco from clothes (by the way, you can’t miss the new Smoking Paper clothes and accessories!). In addition, it will be enough to spread out the clothes that smell bad and leave a jar with baking soda next to it. It will absorb odors like magic! 


If it doesn’t work, vinegar will help you get rid of the bad smell in your clothes: put the garment in a basin with hot water and add four cups of white vinegar. Let the garment soak for a long time for the vinegar to take effect. Then, drain the water well and hang the garment. You will see how hot water and vinegar have managed to eliminate the smell!


Removing the smell of tobacco from hair

Vinegar, this time apple cider vinegar, is once again the best solution for removing the smell of tobacco. On those occasions when normal hair washing is not enough, we recommend applying this simple mixture to your hair: one measure of vinegar for two of water. 

Leave it on for at least 20 minutes and rinse your hair well. Let it dry without a dryer and you will see how the vinegar has managed to remove that unpleasant smell. If you can’t wash your hair with water at that time, dry shampoo can be a great temporary solution to avoid giving off too much of a tobacco smell.

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