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Wie können wir Tips aus Pappe machen?


Surely at some point you have wondered how to make cardboard tips, right? This original tip  shape will offer you multiple advantages as it helps you to hold the cigarette better, to achieve a better flow of air, to take better advantage of tobacco and not to have to limit yourself only to a specific type of filter. 

Thus, at certain times, cardboard tips that you can make yourself at home, are a great option to substitute conventional tips. Read on and discover how to make a cardboard tip step by step in a few seconds.  You will be surprised! 

What materials do we need?

If you want to save money or try what the Smoking experience with a cardboard tip is like, we teach you how to make it yourself!

First, you should choose the raw material with which to make your tip. Although this time we have chosen cardboard, it can also be done with other less common materials. When choosing which type of cardboard to use, just make sure it is a clean piece of cardboard that fits well to the ends of the cigarette once it is already rolled. You can also use cardboard, a piece of a tobacco box or a thin cardboard. 

Once the portion of cardboard to be used has been cut, you must choose the way in which you want to roll it up since the possibilities are endless. 

How to make filters or tips for smoking

When you have everything ready, you can start with the next step by step:

  • STEP 1: Choose the next material you will use. Although in this case we are clear that it will be cardboard, there are different types and weights of cardboard. We recommend that it be an uncolored piece, not too thick and that offers ease when molding. 
  • STEP 2: Cut a piece with a width similar to that of a conventional filter but much longer. You should keep in mind that cardboard is going to be rolled to get the desired size and shape. 
  • STEP 3: Choose the shape you will give to your cardboard box. You can choose between the simplest, suitable for beginners, or for the most innovative designs only suitable for experts. Depending on your skill and dexterity with your hands, choose simple formats such as the spiral or some more complete options such as the star. In case of choosing the spiral, you will only have to roll the cardboard strip until all the cardboard is rolled up. You will see that it is fine when you look at the base of the cardboard and see a perfect spiral. 
  • STEP 4: Once you have managed to shape your filter, it is time to place it in its corresponding place with care and delicacy. It must be well adjusted to the paper to ensure proper functioning. 
  • STEP 5: And you’re done! Just turn it on and take your first puffs with a cardboard filter. 

Why should you use a filter?

Something as simple as a cardboard filter will allow you to find the solution to many everyday problems that can arise when smoking. Hasn’t it happened to you that the cigarette almost falls apart when you reach the end?  By using a cardboard filter you will be able to give greater structure and stability to the whole cigarette.

In addition, they are also very useful when you are sharing with friends since it ensures that the shape of the cigarette or joint does not deform when passing from one person to another. Cardboard filters also contribute to greater and better airflow.

Finally, a cardboard filter will allow you to waste less product since it provides a fastening area in which you do not burn your fingers. As you can see, they are all advantages with cardboard filters!

The best Smoking filters

If you prefer conventional filters instead you can make yourself at home, in Smoking Paper you can find a wide variety of accessories perfect for your rolling cigarettes. For example, both tobacco filters and traditional tips are unique and fundamental elements to enjoy 100% of the experience of rolling tobacco. 

Over the years, Smoking Paper has positioned itself as one of the leading brands not only in rolling papers, but also in filters and tips since they are made of arabica gum, a completely natural material from Acacia Senegalensis. Therefore, the filters of the Smoking Paper brand are a great option for your cigarettes if you are looking for a natural option, without additives or preservatives. They are the perfect solution to filter the most harmful substances that come from tobacco, obtaining a much more filtered puff thanks to something as simple as using these filters. In addition, they also get the smoke to cool when passing through the filter, thus avoiding burns. 

Currently the Smoking Paper brand has a wide catalog of filters.  A wide variety of options including Thinnest Borwn King Size filters, Deluxe Tips King Size filters and Blue King Size filters.

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