The best rolling tobacco filters

Using smoking filters improves your smoking experience. They make shaping the rolling paper easier and help the cigarette to burn more evenly while also preventing harmful substances from entering our bodies and making it easy to support the cigarette between our lips. They also allow us to smoke up to the last puff without burning ourselves.

That’s why, at Smoking, we decided to offer the best rolling tobacco filters on the market, and here they are! Card filters, paper covered filters, menthol filters, slim filters, slim long filters (with an enhanced filter capacity), and ultra slim filters for even thinner smokes…these last ones even come pre-cut to guarantee that they are kept in the best possible condition!

Choose your favourite and enjoy it, nobody knows your tastes better than you!

Discover our different card filters

If you are looking for filters that provide the best possible comfort, Smoking Tips with 50 60x20mm layers are for you. There are two options: our Deluxe card filters or the Brown Tips Medium Size, which are the same but are made with unbleached card. What does that mean? It means they are much less processed. Choosing the perfect smoking filter has never been so easy!

Menthol filters for rolling tobacco

Smoking® menthol filters add some flavour to your smoke and are the most refreshing smoking filters you will ever try. We have two very different varieties available:

  • Menthol Classic Regular Long Filters: These have the same diameter as pre-rolled cigarettes but are 22mm long. They come in packs of 100 units, so you’ll never run out!
  • Menthol Slim Filters: These are narrower and shorter menthol filters, for a much thinner cigarette. These come in packs of 120 units.

Which one would you like?