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Wie benutzt man die Aktivkohle Filter?


Have you heard of activated carbon filters? They are an excellent option when it comes to smoking since charcoal is able to trap a greater amount of carcinogens and other toxins found in the smoke we breathe in.

Using active carbon filters in your cigarettes is a great choice to decrease the number of toxins that reach your lungs when you smoke.

In this blog we explain the advantages of activated carbon filters, how they are used, and if it is really worth changing to them and abandoning conventional filters.

What are activated carbon filters?

Although activated carbon filters are often related to marijuana use, they are not solely used for this kind of smoking. In fact, activated carbon filters act as purifiers, a feature that means they are used in water or air filters, for example.

Charcoal, like activated carbon, forms a series of small sized internal spaces, resulting in it having a wide surface area filled with holes that trap molecules when a liquid or gas passes through. These unique carbon pores make it a highly valuable feature for a range of different applications, including for the production of the filters made by Smoking Paper.

This means the number of toxins and carcinogens is much lower since the smoke is filtered through the active carbohydrate filter that manages to trap a high percentage of malignant molecules which would otherwise reach our lungs.

How to use activated carbon filters?

The way to use activated carbon filters is very simple as it is the same as for standard filters or tips. All you have to do is place them at one end of your paper and roll.

You also don’t have to “activate” anything yourself, since activated carbon filters work through adsorption. They force molecules to stick to their surface whenever smoke passes through the filter, trapping it in the tiny pores.

Does the active filter affect smoking?

When it comes to taste or texture, there is no reason why activated carbon filters should affect your smoking experience.

However, activated carbon filters do have a significant influence on your cigarettes as you will be breathing in a lot less toxins and carcinogens compared to a conventional filter.

Why use activated carbon filters?

Activated carbon filters are highly recommended if you want to reduce the amount of toxins you breathe into your body without the taste or texture of your cigarette being affected.

In fact, they can include some additional components that make them even more interesting, such as in the case of Smoking Paper activated carbon filters for tobacco, which include natural coconut to improve their retention of tobacco toxins. They are also reusable, among other benefits.

There are a range of different activated carbon filters available so that you don’t just have to stick to one kind. For example, there is also the Brown version of these filters, which is made from unbleached card making it even more sustainable

Active filters available at Smoking

Do you know about Smoking Paper’s activated carbon filters? Smoking Paper’s Active Filters are able to retain tobacco toxins thanks to the natural coconut used during the production process. In addition, they are also 100% plant-based, reusable, with a ceramic tip, and completely sustainable.

If you want to enjoy your rolling tobacco in a way that is less harmful to your health, do not hesitate to switch to activated carbon filters: an excellent way to enjoy tobacco, free from the toxins or molecules that could damage our health.

Activated carbon filters vs. card filters

Now you know all about how to use activated carbon filters for smoking, there is one final key question: “Activated carbon filters vs. card filters, which are best?”

On a practical level, you won’t notice the difference between either type of filter when smoking, but if you want something that can effectively retain the tobacco toxins that you breathe in, carbon activated filters are the best choice.

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