Smoking Paper Cones

See a unique perspective with the Smoking cones available in our catalogue. An interesting alternative to classic cigarette tubes and to traditional rolling paper. The XL cones are pre-rolled and ready to smoke, without you even having to put in filters. They are convenient, slow burning and stylish! Do you want to find out more? Find out what we have in our catalogue.

Smoking cones of all sizes

When selecting a smoking cone, there are more options than you think. From huge King Size cones to more modest options, you can always find the ideal option for you. Your King Size smoking cones are perfectly sealed, so that you can enjoy an unbeatable press. Choose a Smoking cone and you’ll be convinced straight away. Whoever tries them will never smoke anything else!

We currently have a catalogue with four different smoking cone varieties.

  • Deluxe KS Cones x3: A favourite among those who prefer King Size smoking cones. With an ultra-fine and bleached Smoking® paper that keeps the characteristic slow burn of our Smoking® paper. You don’t even need tobacco filters. Thanks to its straight seal and King Size format, the tobacco remains perfectly pressed and you can enjoy your Deluxe cone without any extras. If you are looking for King Size cones with the finest smoking paper, this is the one for you.
  • Brown KS Cones x3: More environmentally sustainable. These XL cones use Smoking® unbleached ultra-fine paper, which is the smoking paper from Smoking®’s Brown range. The only difference is that with rolling paper you also need filters, unlike with our cones. These specific cones have a spiral design and use Smoking® Brown paper to provide a slow burn as you enjoy your King Size smoke.
  • Brown 1 1/4 Cones x6: Ideal for those looking for a regular size cone to smoke. These cones uses our Brown paper, which is unbleached, and are more environmentally sustainable. Just as with our other smoking papers, this is also an ultra-fine paper and is highly transparent. Its spiral design and Brown paper are enjoyed in this Medium size cone, convenient for any smoker. Its paper is also slow burning meaning you can enjoy more of your cone.
  • Deluxe KS Cones Bulk x 1000: The perfect pack for your shop so that you can offer those looking for XL smoking cones exactly what they want. These cones have an ultra-fine and highly transparent bleached paper, produced by Smoking® papers, the best possible paper for your customers’ cones. These are King Size smoking cones that come in packs of 1,000 King Size units with a spiral design. This ensures the perfect tobacco press. They also use our renowned slow burning paper which is the ideal option to enjoy more of your cone.Smoking cones are increasingly popular. Don’t miss your chance to try them!