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Was ist ein Green Out?


Sometimes, marijuana can produce very different effects. Some of them “simply” motivate us to overeat, like with the munchies, but there are other less pleasant effects that we should avoid, such as the whitey.

When we refer to a whitey, we are talking about a transformation of the physical state to negative values. It is also called a “greening out” or a “bad trip”.

It is a situation in which the consumer starts feeling ill, with increasing symptoms of a rising stress level.

What causes a whitey?

The causes of a whitey can be very varied and, in fact, they usually combine to create the physical discomfort described above.

On many occasions, it is related to a sudden drop in blood pressure or blood sugar. This process is a consequence of cannabis consumption under severe conditions, such as not having eaten anything for a long time or having a low tolerance to the substance.

Resting is usually enough for a person to gradually recover. Sitting or lying down in a horizontal position with the legs raised is very useful in most cases.

It is also recommended to ventilate the environment and create a calm atmosphere to reduce the symptoms related to dizziness and nausea.

If it is related to a drop in blood sugar, drinking a juice or a sugary drink can limit the evolution of a whitey very quickly. If it is the case of a drop in blood pressure, an isotonic drink, dried fruit, or salty food may be enough.

However, it is always recommended to drink water and eat very little when suffering the effects of a whitey.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the situations in which you are more likely to suffer from a whitey, precisely to avoid them as much as possible:

  • Beginners should take it easy since they don’t yet know the levels of tolerance of their body.
  • The increased presence of THC increases the likelihood of a whitey. Even if you have some experience, it is important not to push the limits.
  • Marijuana present in edibles causes more intense effects, so be always careful with these products.

Symptoms of a whitey

The symptoms of a whitey can be very different from person to person. They can affect not only physically but also psychologically.

A whitey usually causes cold sweats, chills, a rapid pulse, and a feeling of nausea.

If this state is prolonged, the feeling of dizziness increases and the person may even faint or, at the very least, feel weak and heavy.

When it comes to its behaviour, it is possible to suffer from anxiety, paranoia, fear episodes, or even dissociation from reality.

The effects or symptoms can appear very quickly, but it is also possible to counteract them effectively in a short time with the advice we have given you. If the person is lying down, calm, and eating or drinking moderately the products indicated will help them to recover quickly.

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