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Schwindel beim Rauchen: Wie vermeide Ich das?


Some people experience dizziness when smoking. It is a more common sensation among beginners than in experienced individuals. We will explain why this phenomenon occurs and, more importantly, how you can prevent dizziness when smoking.

Is it normal to feel dizzy when smoking? 

Physiologically, it is normal to feel dizzy when smoking; however, this effect should diminish over time as you gain more experience with cigarettes.

Ideally, you should be able to enjoy your tobacco without experiencing any dizziness or other unpleasant sensations.

Why do I get dizzy when smoking? 

In summary, the reason for dizziness when smoking is that the brain does not receive an adequate amount of oxygen. The process behind this phenomenon is that nicotine stimulates the adrenal glands, which release epinephrine and increase blood pressure.

As a result, blood vessels constrict, respiratory rate increases, and less oxygen reaches the brain, leading to dizziness.

There are situations that occur in the opposite manner. For example, cannabis can cause vasodilation, widening the blood vessels.

Additionally, this effect usually occurs after finishing the cigarette, not during smoking. This is because the body begins to regulate itself again, affecting, for example, the accelerated blood pressure.

Experience helps mitigate this effect as the body becomes more accustomed to the action of nicotine. However, there are also people who never experience dizziness.

If you occasionally experience dizziness when smoking, here are some tips that may help you avoid it.

How to avoid dizziness when smoking

Each person may experience different effects when smoking and may benefit from these tips in various ways. The important thing is to understand how your body responds to any cigarette and find the best way to enjoy it without any inconvenience.

Always try to smoke while sitting 

Maintain a comfortable position that doesn’t involve balance. Ideally, be seated throughout the smoking process and for a while after finishing the cigarette.

Maintain a consistent but slow pace of inhalation

Smoking a cigarette should be a pleasant experience. Don’t rush it; avoid irregular puffs (taking too long between puffs or taking excessively long puffs). Be consistent with the cigarette and, above all, smoke slowly.

These actions will help ensure that the presence of nicotine in the body does not cause overly extreme or accelerated effects, thus reducing the likelihood of feeling dizzy when smoking.

Try not to mix with other substances 

The combination of nicotine and other substances can lead to even more pronounced changes in the body. This can occur, for example, when consuming alcohol or even caffeine at the same time as smoking.

Give each thing its space and do not mix them. Try to focus exclusively on smoking when you have the cigarette and set aside other things for a short while.

It is better to have eaten beforehand

Smoking on an empty stomach can also increase the likelihood of dizziness, as can consuming a heavy meal.

In addition to the many reasons why you should prioritize balanced meals, avoiding dizziness is another incentive.

Find your ideal type of tobacco

For some people, excessively strong tobacco can also cause dizziness, in addition to not matching their personal taste.

Find the ideal tobacco for you, and you will notice a gradual reduction in the intensity and frequency of dizziness.

Find your ideal type of rolling paper

The same applies to rolling paper. At Smoking Paper, you have options for ultra-thin paper, which facilitates tobacco combustion and makes inhaling easier, thus helping to prevent dizziness when smoking.

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