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Was ist ein Cannabis-Club und wie funktionieren sie?


A cannabis club is a concept that is becoming increasingly well known around the world, especially among cannabis fans.

You can find these clubs in Spain and, as you may have guessed, they are predominantly aimed at those people with a shared passion for cannabis. While that may seem obvious, there are also some other important features to know about cannabis clubs.

Here at Smoking we’re here to tell you all about them!

What is a cannabis club?

A cannabis club is essentially a non-governmental, non-profit organization. It is made up of members who have a shared passion for marijuana and their activities are based around spreading information about the plant and hosting activities based around the topic. Cannabis can also be consumed at their premises.

How does a cannabis club work?

A cannabis club is made up of a set number of members. These are the only people allowed to access the space that the club has hired or acquired to host its activities.

In general, members only have to be of legal age, although there are some clubs which require that members be aged at least 21.

Every cannabis club has its own fees and payment programs, but the key is that they are not able to make a profit. All the money collected must be for the club itself and its expenses.

One of your first questions is probably “can you really smoke marijuana at a cannabis club?” And the answer is: of course you can!

You can take your Smoking paper, your Smoking cones, and anything else you like! That includes your cannabis, which you can roll there and enjoy with the other members.

As you may imagine, most of the clubs’ themes are based around marijuana. They are fantastic spaces to learn about marijuana production, different strains, and to debate about countless cannabis related topics.

How can I join a cannabis club?

Each cannabis club is unique, and that also applies to their membership policies. Some you can contact, hear brief description about the club, and if you like it you can join.

Others can be more selective. For example, they may only admit members who have been recommended by existing members. Ask your friends, you may strike lucky!

In any case, the registration process is usually simple: personal information, payment method, and then you are assigned a membership number. If they have limits in terms of membership numbers you may have to wait until one becomes free.

How many members can a cannabis club have?

There are no legal limits regarding how many members a cannabis club can have. In this regard they are completely autonomous and can decide on their own limits or even not have any at all.

That being said, there is a limited capacity in terms of the spaces used. It is important to respect these capacities as not doing so can put people at risk and incur a financial penalty.

Are cannabis clubs legal? What are their regulations?

In Spain cannabis clubs are legal provided that they meet the regulatory requirements for general clubs, which are as follows:

  • Bylaws, articles of incorporation, and a provincial registration must all be established.
  • The founding members must not have any criminal records.
  • The premises must comply with the required opening hours, health and safety regulations, and sound and lighting regulations.
  • The Local Council may impose its own conditions for the opening of the club.
  • If the cannabis club is located in a building with other residents, it must comply with the Owners’ Association Bylaws.

In regard to consuming marijuana inside the premises, it is perfectly legal. It can be provided by the club’s management or each member can bring their own personal supply. In any case, the amount each individual consumes must be controlled, and it must also be assured that the substances are legal. It is also logical that tobacco consumption be permitted at the premises.

How many cannabis clubs are there in Spain?

Cannabis clubs go back a long way. They may have even existed before us, and this year we are celebrating Smoking Paper’s centenary year, with a wide range of initiatives and activities that we’re sure you’ll love.

In terms of how many cannabis clubs there are, according to the last report issued by the Confederation of Cannabis Clubs (Confac) in 2022, there are around 1,500 clubs in Spain. The average membership at each club is between 300 and 400 people, and they collectively employ around 7,500 individuals.

Some of these clubs are very famous. For example, the Barcelona Cannabis Association’s Dragon Weed Club is symbolic in the city.

The Madrid Cannabis Associations’ Enjoint Munchies is also very well renowned and is a haven for cannabis fans.

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