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Können CBD-Produkte zu positiven Drogentests führen?


Can I test positive on a drug test for smoking CBD?

One of the most common concerns among smokers is if CBD shows up as positive on a drug test. And the answer is not that straightforward, because the concepts of CBD, THC, and the maximum values permitted with these tests can cause some confusion.

At Smoking Paper, we are here to clear up any doubts you may have once and for all. We explain if CBD tests positive, when and why.

Do CBD products have THC?

To start off with, we need to consider the concepts of CBD and THC:

  • CBD: Cannabidiol is found in the hemp plant and has no psychotropic effects.
  • THC: Cannabidiol which causes the psychotropic effect in marijuana.

Therefore, marijuana produces THC and hemp CBD. Nevertheless, it is now possible that the former produces CBD and that hemp does the same with THC, though in smaller quantities.

This explains why hemp is legally regulated in regard to how much THC it can contain. Essentially, it is possible that some products with CBD in them also contain THC.

Differences between CBD and THC

Knowing the main differences between CBD and THC will help you to understand the situation of these two cannabidiols even more so:

  • CBD has no psychotropic effects and THC does.
  • CBD is from hemp and THC is from marijuana.
  • The legality of both differs from country to country; however, THC usually has more restrictions.

So, can I test positive on a drug test for smoking CBD?

Just imagine, you’re there with your Supreme Medium papers (or your Supreme King Size papers, if you prefer) and you have a drugs test the next day. Could you test positive for smoking CBD?

The answer is that if you have made sure that the product contains no THC whatsoever, you will not test positive. In fact, you will not test positive in any associated analysis tests.

To be clear:

  • Does CBD test positive in a urine test?: urine tests are the most common, but do not identify any traces of CBD.
  • Does CBD test positive in a saliva test?: saliva tests are much less invasive and also do not identify CBD.
  • Does CBD test positive in a blood test?: this is the most accurate test, but it still does not identify CBD, unless it is specifically searching for it.
  • Does CBD test positive in drug tests?: it will not test positive, because these tests search for the substance THC.

So you can smoke in peace. In fact, it is even better if you select the Supreme King Size papers + Tips, because then you will also have your tips to roll another perfect smoke.

What is the maximum amount of THC permitted in a drug test?

Another important factor when it comes to THC is that it is not totally illegal if it shows up in a drug test. This is because, as previously explained, it can be found in certain CBD products.

This is why there is a maximum THC amount applied with drug tests. The permitted limit is 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml).

So the drug test will not be positive if the amount of THC consumed and in our body is less than this amount.

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