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Was ist ein Zigarettenetui?


Every roll-your-own tobacco smoker carries a cigarette case. It’s almost as essential as a lighter or matches to light your cigarette.

But did you know that there are different types to choose from? Did you know that at Smoking Paper you have some models that are as practical as they are amazing in their design, or that they are even collectors’ items?

Find out everything you need to know about these tobacco accessories below.

What is a cigarette case for?

A cigarette case is an accessory designed to carry cigarettes safely and practically. Therefore, it has to be made of resistant materials, but not excessively heavy, durable, but not too expensive for the final product, and it has to be large enough to carry many cigarettes, but small enough to fit in any handbag or even a pocket.

It seems impossible, but it really meets all these objectives! You have to recognise that cigarette cases are able to offer functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, safety, and all at an affordable price, like the formidable accessories they really are.

Why should you carry a cigarette case if you smoke rolling tobacco? Because it’s the most practical way to carry your rolled tobacco without damaging it.

It’s the ideal alternative to a traditional cigarette case, in fact, the metal-finished types are even more durable.

But what really draws attention to what a cigarette case is, is its design, because sometimes it can be a real work of art.

In our brand you will find some examples of metal cigarette cases that will seduce you with their stylish, modern and very, very resistant design.

It is an accessory that you can adapt to your style, that will fit with your look and that you will be able to use in any situation.

You don’t know which one to choose? Some people collect them all! So they have a model for every occasion, always in the Smoking style.

What types of cigarette cases are there?

In addition to an infinite number of designs, cigarette cases can also be made of different materials.

The leather cigarette case is one of the best known and most traditional. Of course, its personal style is undeniable, although it is not as durable as the other alternatives. Despite this, it has always been considered one of the preferred options by many smokers.

In terms of durability, the metal cigarette case stands out, with the silver cigarette case being the absolute climax of how this accessory can achieve perfection.

If you are looking for security, the Tobacco Box is one of the toughest options. Smoking style and really handy for transporting, opening, and storing your pre-rolled cigarettes.

Slightly more stylish is the Cigarrette Case, but just as practical, useful and elegant. Another metal cigarette case that proves that good design can go hand in hand with maximum safety when transporting your cigarettes.

So you can take your rolled cigarettes with you wherever you go, without worrying about ruining them or even having to roll them on the spot – you can take them ready to go with you wherever you want!

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