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Was bedeutet 710?


You may have heard of 420, a code famous among cannabis aficionados. But it is not the only one! Do you want to hear about another? Well, here’s one you really cannot forget, especially if you’re into dabbing: discover 710!

What is 710?

The answer to what 710 is may sound simple, but there’s a lot behind it. Firstly, let’s be clear that 710 is a cannabis code.

What does it mean though? It is closely related to cannabis, and specifically to dabbing.

If you have not heard of dabbing it is a way of inhaling marijuana concentrate through vaping.

It does not use accessories like filters, cones or rolling papers. Instead it uses a rig, a glass device that looks a little like a bong, with everything you need to vaporize.

So now you know what 710 is; a secret cannabis code used by dabbers to refer to anything related to dabbing and to celebrate this unique smoking style.

What does the number 710 mean?

To understand what 710 means, you first have to think about how it can be translated. If you take a close look, “710” looks similar to the word “OIL” written backwards and upside down (use your imagination a little!).

The word oil is now associated to 710 due to the cannabis concentrate used to dab.

As happens with the famous 420, 710 also has its own date that dabbers celebrate and pay homage to their dabbing passion each year.

Now things get a little clearer. 710 refers to 7/10, or the 10th of July. So every 10th of July is a celebration of all things dabbing, and what better way to mark the date than with a good dab?

For example, every 7/10 the Degree Cup is celebrated, which is the most popular cannabis concentrate competition in the world – and that’s not all! The Colorado Kush Masters 710 Celebration and the Oregon Camp Sesh are also part of this symbolic homage to dabbing.

And there’s even more! Since the legalization of marijuana and its concentrates in several US states, the celebrations on this date have grown bigger and bigger.

Do you want to be even more specific? Wait for 7:10 am on July 10. That is the optimum time to pay homage to dabbing.

Of course, we must remember that it is celebrated in the US in July due to the date format, but in most other countries the official dabbing date is celebrated on 7th October.

What are the origins of 710?

Secret cannabis codes are just some of the countless cannabis mysteries we have seen over the last few decades. Not much is known about them!

Just as with 420, the creation of 710 is also steeped in mystery. More and more people are finding out about 710, but where does it come from? We still don’t really know.

But there are plenty of rumors. It is believed that the first 710 Cup was officially held in 2012, but it had been celebrated before this date.

In fact, there are official records of the term 710 from 2010, though it was not considered as being a secret cannabis code until 2011.

It is also said that the rapper TaskRok invented the term while chatting with other colleagues in the industry from Healthstone and Beehive Oil Clothing.

You can see evidence of this on TaskRok’s album named “The Movement”, there are songs titled “Boil that Oil” and “7:10” related to cannabis concentrate and dabbing. However, TaskRok does not claim ownership over the term. He believes that the term belongs to the community now.

710 gained even more fame in July 2013 when there was an article published in LA Weekly under the title “710 is the new 420”.

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