The best small size rolling papers

Take a look at all of our small size smoking papers

Within our range of regular size rolling papers you can find a wide selection of different options. From a transparent smoking paper to an organic rolling paper, always guaranteed to have the optimum stick with just one lick. Our paper also has 100% natural vegetable glue, has no colourings or additives, and even has its sticky tab to stick to your favourite tobacco pouch.

If you are looking for a small size rolling paper, our Regular range has everything you are after. Some are also slow burning so that you can really savour each puff. This is all aimed at making your smoking experience as enjoyable as possible, and we think we have achieved that!

100% natural rolling papers

We have worked hard to ensure that Smoking is the best rolling paper, and that is why we never stop innovating. Thanks to this innovation we have added several types of natural rolling papers which are 100% vegetable based and environmentally sustainable.
Smoking has not become one of the leaders in the rolling paper market by luck. We export our products to over one hundred countries and our 125 years of history and experience are a guarantee of the quality, thoroughness and excellence of our products. One of our main efforts is focused on producing more ecological papers.

Try our Regular Blue rolling paper, one of our best sellers, or choose from our Orange, Brown, Green and Organic ranges. This last option is made from 100% hemp and is ecologically certified, free from pesticides, weedkiller, and artificial fertilizers, as well as being completely unbleached. Why not try our Thinnest paper? An even lighter rolling paper. As you can see, you can find an unimaginable array of options among our Regular range of rolling papers.