King size

King Size Papers, big papers for you to roll whatever you like

If you like to have a fun time, or you like to share, then you need a King Size rolling paper. We know that every smoker is different which is why there are different King Size rolling paper options to suit different tastes, whatever they are. King Size is a longer rolling paper, and we are sure you are already thinking up ways of how to enjoy it, now all you need to know is which one of our King Size papers to choose!

Smoking King Size rolling paper catalogue

If you have already tried our Deluxe range in its other varieties, you are going to love this 110 millimetre long version. With maximum transparency and great resistance, this is a slow burner with zero additives. If you are an artist when it comes to King Size rolling paper, we have some great options for you. How about our King Size Master, a bigger smoking paper with less paper? Or how about our Thinnest or Thinnest Brown options which are 20% lighter? In the case of the latter, these are also unbleached and less processed.

In fact, if you are looking for an organic King Size paper, at Smoking you will find a range of ideal alternatives. As well as our unbleached and additive free Brown variety, and the alternate Thinnest Brown version, you can also enjoy Smoking Organic, made with 100% certified BIO<7strong hemp. It is one of our sealed Tree Free and chemical free papers and will also contribute to our mission to plant 50,000 trees a year in collaboration with the NGO Trees for the Future. Now you know, all you have to do is choose your favourite rolling papers… and light up!