Catalogue of the best Smoking rolling papers

The best smoking paper doesn’t exist because there are so many different smokers, and each have their own preferences! What we can assure you of is that at Smoking we have a wide range of papers available so that, importantly, you can find the perfect rolling paper for you! If you are sure Medium is the best paper for you, take a look at our options, get your cigarette filters out, and enjoy, it’s that easy!

Discover the eleven types of paper we have available

Our Smoking Deluxe is the first ultra-fine smoking paper in Medium size on the Spanish market. Are you concerned about the environment? Our Organic range is bio classified because no chemicals are used in its production. It is also made of hemp paper, 100% ecologically classified, free from pesticides, weedkillers, and artificial fertilizers.

If you want an ultra-fine rolling paper, try Smoking Thinnest, or Thinnest Brown: less processed, more sustainable, and 20% lighter than most smoking papers on the market.

If the 50 sheet pack isn’t enough for you, our Deluxe, Blue, Brown, and Master papers are available in 300 sheet packs. Our primary goal is for you to enjoy your smoking experience better than ever before, so choose your Smoking paper… and light up!