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When you’ve been smoking for a while, you develop your own smoking customs. You may like a certain shape, or you may prefer a shorter or longer paper. We know each smoker is different and what matters most to us is your convenience, which is why we offer our four metre long smoking paper rolls. What is the difference between Regular, Medium or King Size papers? Well, with our rolling paper rolls you’re the boss, you decide how much and how long. Don’t let anybody tell you what to do. It’s your time, enjoy it as you please!

Discover all of our four metre long rolling paper rolls

When you are looking for a rolling paper roll, we expect you do not want to change your smoking experience. That’s why, at Smoking, we have decided to have several of our papers available in this format. This includes our Deluxe range, a Smoking paper which has maximum transparency and resistance, as well as our organic rolling paper 100% bio certified hemp, Organic, and with the Tree Free seal.

You’ll also find our other varieties: Our unbleached and minimally processed Smoking Brown, and its Thinnest variety, up to 20% lighter. The Thinnest normal paper is lighter than our regular papers, but still has great resistance, or you can always go for our Smoking Master, the rolling paper with the least paper on the market.

So, what now? Well, select the four metre roll of paper that best suits your needs, find your favourite cigarette filters and enjoy, there’s nothing else to worry about!