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Wie man mit der ScrOG-Methode anbauen kann


Do you know about the ScrOG method? The letters stand for “Screen of Green”, and it is a grow technique that offers improved results, better use of space, and increased productivity. In fact, this botanical method offers a wide array of benefits. 


Growing marijuana using the ScrOG method enables you to increase your harvest, enhance your crops, and reduce any possible diseases occurring. Here we detail the secrets behind the ScrOG method and tell you what you need to do to put this method into practice. 


What is the ScrOG method?

The ScrOG method aims to produce a flat plant, it focuses on making the lower branches grow higher and the higher branches grow lower to achieve a more uniformed, flatter plant. By placing a net over the plant, the branches are able to interweave as they grow and ripen. This means that by redirecting the branches to grow more horizontally, a flatter canopy is achieved.


In terms of benefits, the ScrOG method is noted for its uniformed canopy meaning that there is increased light exposure, with the light source itself being kept at a safe distance from every part of the plant. As all of the buds receive the same amount of light, their photosynthetic potential increases, as does their resin production. The ventilation provided by the horizontal netting also reduces the risk of fungi growing.


Another benefit for growers is that the ScrOG method makes the most of any available space.


How to ScrOG

If you are interested in putting the ScrOG method into practice with your plants, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Choose your netting

Although it may appear to be a minor element, the choice of netting is very important if you want optimum results from the ScrOG method. There are a range of netting materials available to you nowadays: nylon, metal, string, bamboo…


We recommend selecting a ScrOG netting that is elastic and that is simple to handle and manipulate. It should also be a high quality material that is strong and does not easily break. As oxide can be an issue for crops, it is best to choose materials that do not rust or which have a protective layer applied. 


Step 2: assembly

Once you have chosen the netting material, it is time to place it at the right height. We recommend using an object next to the crop to help support the netting. If you don’t have a wall or mount, you can make a simple structure out of some wood and nails. 


The netting needs to be hung around 30-35 cm over the planter. However, this height can vary depending on the plants, their growth, and the available space. The grids must be between 5 to 10 cm. 


Step 3: growth control

Remember that the premises of the ScrOG method is that the plant’s branches grow out horizontally and eventually cover the netting. To do this, as the plant grows and reaches its intended height, you need to bend each branch in the right direction to start to cover the available netting.


Step 4: topping

Topping is an essential part of ensuring that your plant develops to its full capacity. This is usually done during the flowering phase, topping the lower section of the vine to make the plant grow stronger.


ScrOG growing tips

The ScrOG method is not a complex growing technique. However, certain factors do need to be considered and followed to ensure good growth. 


We recommend that the netting is installed at around 30 cm above the planters and that you choose the right size planters so that your plant can grow without any issues. In the case of indica plants we recommend letting them grow until 80% of the netting is covered. For sativa plants, only 60% of the netting needs to be covered before they start to flower.


By putting this innovative technique into practice, you’ll find that you are rewarded with a lusher crop with much stronger plants. Once picked and processed, all you’ll have to do is select your favourite grinder from Grinder Good Time For, Grinder Let Me Grind You and Grinder Mental Vacation, sit back and enjoy!

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