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Wie man den French Inhale oder Wasserfall Schritt für Schritt durchführt


The French Inhale is a very colorful smoking trick that has its own technique. If you want to learn to master it, we tell you everything you have to do, step by step.

How to French inhale with cigarette smoke

Follow the steps below to learn how to French inhale with cigarette smoke. Practice makes perfect! Don’t hurry and take your time to learn this technique. Before you know it, you’ll master it perfectly.

Catch the smoke

The first step of a French Inhale is to catch the smoke in your mouth, without inhaling it! Keep it inside your mouth without taking it down into your lungs. To do this, move your tongue to the back of your mouth, to stop the smoke from passing further in.

Let the smoke out

This is a very important step and, in theory, very easy to do. However, many French Inhale beginners do not get it right the first time.

All you have to do is slowly open your mouth. The challenge is not to exhale or blow out. It may appear simple, but smoking habits can trick you and make it more difficult than it seems.

Let the smoke out little by little. Keep your tongue at the back of your mouth to make it easier.

Push the smoke up

Let’s start with the technical part! At this point you need to push the smoke up your nose, i.e. upwards.

Without exhaling, push your lips and jaw forward and you’ll see how the smoke starts flowing upwards.

Your tongue should continue to act as a “plug” at the back of the mouth.

Breathe out the remaining smoke

Now, move your tongue forward very slowly, pushing the rest of the smoke out.

The complicated part here is to do it all at the right speed. You’ll probably do it too quickly at first, so try to do it as slowly as possible. If not, the smoke will disappear and you will not be able to finish off your French inhale.

Inhale through the nose

While following the step above, start to slowly breathe in through your nose. It may be difficult at first, but the idea is to find the perfect balance between the smoke you breathe out of your mouth and the smoke you inhale through your nose.

One way to do this is to pretend you are filling your lungs with air from your nose. Take your time, there’s no rush. The smoke will gradually flow in.

 Make the smoke disappear

Keep inhaling through your nose until there is no more smoke left. If you notice that you have too much in your mouth or you cannot breathe in anymore, exhale the rest and blow it out or make it completely disappear.

Tips for the perfect French Inhale

The French Inhale is a great spectacle, if done correctly. It goes without saying that practice is the key to mastering this technique.

These tips will help you learn quicker:

  • When practicing, make sure to use the smoking papers that you are most comfortable with. Ideally, choose those models that allow you to take in large breaths, for around two to three seconds at a time.
  • At first, it is best to practice indoors, so that wind or drafts do not hinder the process.
  • The French Inhale is a calm and relaxed smoking technique. It is highly recommended. Follow the steps above slowly, there’s no rush. Take the time to master each step.

Other smoking tricks

Do you want to learn how to do other smoking tricks? Here are a few alternatives to the French Inhale that you can try out whenever you like. Practice makes perfect!

Smoke rings

Of all the tricks, smoke rings are a must. It is a classic!

  • Breathe in a good amount of smoke.
  • Hold it in your cheeks for a little.
  • Open your mouth in an O shape.
  • Shape your mouth as if you wanted to stick out your tongue, without actually sticking it out.
  • After a bit of practice you’ll soon be able to open and close your airway to form smoke rings.
  • Take your new trick to another level. Once you have learned how to form a smoke ring, slowly breathe in through your nose and watch your ring disappear.

Waterfall smoke

A simple smoking trick, although you may need a few accessories.

  • Put some ice in a bottle.
  • Breathe in a good amount of smoke.
  • Exhale into the bottle.
  • Tip the bottle and let the smoke flow out, it will look like a waterfall!

The dragon

Easy to do and a great spectacle! This smoking trick will make you the star of the show.

  • Take in quite a large amount of smoke.
  • Breathe out through your nose.
  • At the same time breathe out through both corners of your mouth. You’ll look like a smoke breathing dragon!

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