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Wie man Tabak bei Flugreisen mitnehmen kann


The restrictions on carry-on baggage and even checked baggage for air travel are quite strict. This makes many passengers wonder if it is possible to carry tobacco on a plane and how to do it correctly.

After all, what is clear is that you cannot smoke on the plane, so why bring tobacco on board? Well, there are several reasons. A practical one is that at the airport and in the boarding areas there are spaces enabled for smokers. Consequently, it is logical that you want to pass the control with your package or your cigarette case to smoke while waiting for the plane.

It is also more useful to carry it with you than inside the checked suitcase, which you have to wait to pick it up and which can be uncomfortable to open before arriving home, a hotel or your place of accommodation.

That is, carrying tobacco on the plane is useful, comfortable and practical, but you have to adhere to current legislation. We detail it below!

Can I bring tobacco and lighter on the plane?

To the question of whether tobacco can be carried on the plane, the answer is yes. It is possible to carry tobacco without exceeding certain limits.

To be more exact, there is no limitation on how much tobacco you can get on the plane, but there is a limitation on how much tobacco you can go through customs. Therefore, it is obvious that we will have to respect these regulations when traveling from one country to another by plane if we then have to go through customs.

Regarding the question of whether you can carry a lighter on the plane, the answer is also affirmative, but as long as the lighter is not one of those special ones that simulate a gun.

What are the limits?

We go with the limits on how many packs of tobacco can be carried on the plane and similar issues.

Before going into detail, keep in mind that one thing is the European regulations, another the regulations of each country, there are airports that apply their own guidelines and airlines that are too strict.

This means that, even if you know the current law, we recommend that you review all these regulations regarding the options of carrying tobacco with you both nationally and with respect to each airport and airline.

Regarding these limits, if we base ourselves on what is regulated on the amount of tobacco that can be entered into Spain by airport, they are the following:

  • It is possible to carry up to 200 cigarettes (one carton of tobacco).
  • If they are cigars or special cigars that do not weigh more than 3 gr. each, you can take 100 maximum.
  • If you carry cigars that weigh more than this amount you can carry up to 50.
  • Finally, you can carry up to 250 gr. of rolling tobacco.

The limits also extend to tobacco accessories:

  • The lighter is allowed in both hand and checked baggage.
  • Matcheson the other hand, cannot be loaded in hand luggage.
  • Cigarette paper and rolling machines are allowed, both in hand luggage and in checked bags.

How to carry tobacco on the plane properly

Now you know that you can carry tobacco on the plane and the limits you have to meet, at least with regard to coming from any other country to Spain or, also, to travel within the national territory.

¿How to carry this tobacco on the plane properly? Here are some practical tips:

  • If you use rolling tobacco, it would be best to have it previously rolled and take advantage of resistant cigarette cases for transport.
  • Forget about matches and take advantage of lighters at least while traveling by plane.
  • Find out about the tobacconists at each airport. It is a good way to acquire a carton or a pack of tobacco, to carry it comfortably.

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