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Wie lagert man Drehtabak richtig?


Rolling tobacco tends to dry out over time. In addition, smoking tobacco that is too dry can cause discomfort, itching and even burning in the throat. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly store rolling tobacco to enjoy its optimal state for longer and thus prevent it from drying out.

We tell you how to get it in this Smoking Paper article. Take notes of all the tricks!

Why is it important to store tobacco correctly?

It must be understood that rolling tobacco has different characteristics from those of conventional tobacco. As it is a ground product, it is necessary to preserve it in an appropriate way to keep it at a temperature and humidity that does not cause it to lose texture, flavor or dry out too much. 

To achieve this, there are different simple ways with which to properly preserve rolling tobacco. From keeping it hermetically sealed in a jar or bag to avoiding excessive exposure to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

How to keep rolling tobacco fresh

There are different ways, tips and tricks with which to ensure that rolling tobacco lasts in good condition for much longer. In addition, you can find different types of tobacco boxes specifically designed to store and store this type of tobacco correctly. However, if you prefer to opt for easier, homemade and faster methods, here are some of the most effective ones:

Use a box to store tobacco

This is one of the best-known practices for keeping tobacco moist. You can pick a box specifically designed to store tobacco and cigars, but in a more homey way. Choose a cardboard box (a clean shoebox is worth it), place your tobacco package inside and also introduce a humidifying stone. 

This stone is a special stone, with a texture similar to mud and very similar to terracotta. It is important to know that the humidifying stone must be submerged in water for about 5 minutes before storing it in the box with the rolling tobacco.

The trick of keeping it in the fridge

Keeping it in the fridge is one of those tricks that are passing by word of mouth among users of rolling tobacco, but does it really work? Absolutely!

Rolling tobacco can retain its moisture for much longer if it is stored in the fridge in a plastic wrap bag or in a specific tobacco can. It is important that the tobacco package is hermetically sealed to preserve its good condition for much longer. In addition, it is preferable to place it at the back of the refrigerator and in an area where the air from the fan does not reach it directly.

Other places to store rolling tobacco

Remember that, regardless of the method you use to store your rolling tobacco, it should always be in a cool, dry place without much direct light. It is not necessary to store it in a completely dark place, but it does not need to receive heat or very direct light.

My tobacco has dried up, how do I rehydrate it?

In the event that your tobacco has already dried and the methods explained above do not work, you can re-moisten it little by little in the following ways:

  • With half a potato: it is one of the simplest methods to recover the humidity of a tobacco that has dried up. You will only have to store the tobacco in an airtight bag along with half a potato. Store it in the right conditions for rolling tobacco and you will see how in a few days the texture of your tobacco is completely different. 
  • With a steam iron: spread the amount of tobacco you want to moisten on a newspaper, take the iron and release steam on the tobacco for 10 seconds. You must repeat this action until the tobacco recovers the degree of humidity you are looking for. It is very important that the iron does not touch the tobacco, only the steam!
  • With steam: put a little water to boil in a saucepan, place a metal strainer on top and pour in the tobacco. It is important that the tobacco remains in contact with the steam that is generated but never with the water in the saucepan. Put the lid on and wait for the steam from the water to moisten the tobacco. Then you must wait at least 30 minutes for the tobacco to rest and you can see the final result.

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