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Hat Tabak ein Verfallsdatum?


Just like any other consumable product, a logical question asked by many smokers is does tobacco ever expire? There is no simple answer to this, in fact, there are a lot more factors than you may think. But we are going to clear things up for you the best we can!

Does tobacco expire?

Straight to the important bit, does tobacco expire? Well no, not exactly. Let us explain:

Tobacco is considered to be a semi-perishable product, but it does not have a specific expiration date. What happens (according to research) is that its properties deteriorate over time.

However, tobacco companies have no obligation to put a specific expiration date on their product, as is the case with other consumables. It is also true that different types of tobacco are able to preserve their properties for longer over different periods of time, which can complicate things further.

Research carried out on this matter has identified that, in general, tobacco retains its quality for up to six months. After this it starts to reduce in quality.

How can I see if my tobacco has expired?

Clearly, if there is no expiration date, there is no way to tell how old our tobacco is or if it still retains its quality or not.

Well, Smoking Paper is here to help! All you have to do is pay close attention to the following features:

Let’s say you are with your favorite Supreme Medium or Supreme King Size papers (which if you haven’t tried them are highly recommended, a truly “supreme” smoking experience).

Your cigarette is rolled and ready to smoke and you notice that the tobacco is burning quickly and/or irregularly. Smoking’s Supreme papers are slow burning, and no tobacco should burn noticeably quick. It is a clear sign that your tobacco may be bad.

The same can be said for the contrary! If it is burning too slow or not enough and you notice that you are not smoking as much as normal because of the tobacco, it may be because it has expired.

Other signs that your tobacco may be bad are changes to its taste or aroma.

To make sure that it is not down to your tips, we recommend Supreme King Size Paper + Tips, which include papers and tips, both with the supreme quality of this new product range.

Is it bad to consume expired tobacco?

Yes, for two main reasons:

  1. The overall experience is much worse, as seen from what we have mentioned above about expired tobacco.
  2. It is more harmful to your health, the more time that goes by following production.

What should I do if my tobacco has expired?

We always recommend that you use the best quality products available to you. If your tobacco has expired, the best thing to do is to buy some fresh tobacco that still preserves all of its original properties.

In terms of what to do with your expired tobacco, we recommend throwing it in the trash.

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