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Wann blüht Marihuana?


The cannabis that you use with your 420 products is already fully formed and has been through different stages, from the germination of the seed to the last of all, which is flowering.

This stage (like all the others), has different periods depending on each strain, but in most cases, we are talking about a process that takes place between 8 and 9 weeks.

If you have followed the natural course of cultivation, flowering will usually occur as summer turns to autumn, i.e. as the hours of sunshine become shorter.

This is for outdoor growing, if you choose to grow indoors then you can force the flowering process yourself. To do this you will have to reduce the amount of light the plants receive from an average of between 18 and 16 hours that they will have maintained during the previous phases to a maximum of 12 in this last phase.

What is flowering?

Flowering is the last stage of growth of the cannabis plant. This is when the resinous buds start to form, which can be then harvested.

The three phases before flowering are the following:

  • Germination: from the seed to the development of roots, stem, and first leaves.
  • Seedling: with single-tip husks that evolve into plants of at least 5 or 7 tips.
  • Growing: the plant is moved into a larger pot for rapid root and foliage development.

Cannabis flowering

Cannabis flowering can take place at different times depending on each strain but will always have three additional phases linked to this last stage.

The first represents the beginning of flowering. During the first 3 weeks, the plant will maintain continuous growth. Females develop pre-flowers and grow pistils, which represent the beginning of the buds.

The second phase is the mid-flowering phase. It takes place during week 4 or 5. The plant stops growing and the evolution is noticeable in the buds, which start to get fatter and fatter.

Finally, we have the third phase of advanced flowering, usually from week 6 onwards. In this phase, the trichome density increases, and plants will become more and more resinous. By looking at the right shade, we can tell when is the perfect time to harvest everything.

Therefore, considering the marijuana flowers and taking into account that the periods may vary depending on the type of plant, full growth is between 12 and 24 weeks, if we start from the seed and include the time of harvest.

It is true that outdoor cultivation depends entirely on the seasons and the climate. That is why it is normal to start the germination phase in October and November. Indoors it is a different matter because you can force the speed of some phases, always respecting the needs that each plant may have.

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