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Was ist ein Grinder und wozu dient er?


If you are a regular smoker, you have probably asked yourself at least once, what is a grinder, and what is it used for? Also known as a mill, a grinder is an essential tool when it comes to crumbling cannabis into little pieces. 

Below, Smoking Paper tells you why this useful little tool is so popular. 

What is a grinder?

A grinder is an item used to grind down tobacco leaves or cannabis. A grinder is made up of two hollow halves which perfectly fit together with a space where the product, be it tobacco or cannabis, can be placed. 

What is a grinder used for?

When rolling a cigarette, whether with tobacco or cannabis, the product needs to be well crumbled, as it can sometimes be clumpy or hard. In the case of cannabis, doing this by hand takes too long and the results are not the same as if using a grinder. Using a grinder is much faster, you waste a lot less of the product, and it is much more evenly crumbled. 

You’ll see straight away the difference between the cannabis wasted when grinding with a grinder as opposed to by hand or with a pair of scissors, the usefulness and versatility of this little tool is clear to see. Additionally, the cannabis ground in a grinder has more flavour and is more evenly distributed within the paper. 

What are its components?

There are different types of grinders around: plastic, metal, wooden, manual…there are also grinders that can easily be put together or those which have up to five separate pieces. However, in general, depending on the model, most grinders have the following components:

  • Two piece grinder: a lid and a base. 
  • Three piece grinder: a lid, grinding chamber, and storage chamber.
  • Four and five piece grinder: a lid, storage chamber, grinding chamber, and one or two other spaces to collect the product.
  • Flat grinder: similar to a cheese grater, this is a fine single sheet of metal that grinds the cannabis using friction.

How to use a grinder

Whether a manual or electronic grinder, the process is always simple as it essentially involves putting the product into the grinder, turning the lid, and grinding the product. 

Some useful tips for the right grind:

  • Grind softly, you do not need to apply too much strength to turn a manual grinder. 
  • Do not overfill the grinder. 
  • If you like to have a few little chunks here and there, we recommend grinding with the grinder’s lid facing downwards. 
  • Make sure the grinder needles are in a good condition. 
  • Clean your grinder often with a soft cloth and special brush. Use 90% alcohol, rinse with plenty of water, and leave to dry. 

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