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Wie man eine perfekte zigarre rollit


More and more people a opting to roll their own cigarettes. In addition to it being a cheaper option, thanks to companies like Smoking Paper, it is also possible to smoke the perfect cigarette every time. Thanks to its wide range of rolling papers, with Smoking Paper now you can design your own ideal cigarette. 

And don’t worry about rolling it! Rest assured that it is much easier that you think. You just have to take out the right amount of tobacco and following these simple steps, explained below. 

What do you need to roll a cigarette?

The first thing you need to know is exactly what you need to roll a cigarette the right way. If it is your first time, we recommend that you get everything ready for an first easy roll.

Although you can do it using a rolling machine, we recommend that you first try to roll by hand. For that, all you’ll need is rolling tobacco, your favourite rolling paper, a filter, a little patience, and some dexterity. You’re ready! Be patient, and you’ll soon see how your technique gradually improves.

How to roll a cigarette by hand

When starting to roll your first cigarettes by hand it is important to following these tips, step by step, to get the best possible roll. Remember, you can also use a rolling machine if your rolling skills aren’t quite up to scratch or if you would prefer to roll more quickly. 

Steps to roll a cigarette

Before starting to roll your cigarette, we recommend you have everything you need beforehand: rolling tobacco, rolling paper, filters and a lighter for once you are ready to smoke. Once you have all that ready, follow our step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1

Choose one of Smoking Paper’s rolling paper models. Take out a paper and make sure the glue is facing upwards, ensuring that the paper is as smooth as possible.

  • Step 2

Place the tip or filter on your favoured side, meaning if you are righthanded on the right, and if you are lefthanded on the left. 

  • Step 3

Take out as much tobacco as you want for your first rollie and spread it out along the paper. Remember, it is always best to add rather than take out if your cigarette is packed too full. 

  • Step 4

Hold both ends of the rolling paper, push the filter in a little more and attempt to start rolling the cigarette. To do this you will have to use your middle fingers and thumbs on both hands. Almost automatically, your index fingers will lift up to help keep everything in place. 

  • Step 5

Try to roll your cigarette as tightly as possible, apply some light pressure from where the filter is all the way along to the other end. 

  • Step 6

Once you have managed to ensure that the cigarette is compact, without any spaces inside, lick the glue tab and stick this side of the paper over the rest of the cigarette to completely seal it. 

  • Step 7

In the case of any excess tobacco at the top of the cigarette, just take it out. And there you go!

  • Step 8

Don’t worry if your first cigarette doesn’t look perfect. Over time you will perfect your technique even though it seems complicated at first, you’ll soon be able to do it with your eyes closed.

Roll easy with Smoking Paper, we have all of the products you need to roll the best cigarettes: filters, papers, lighters, rolling machines… On our website you’ll find a wide range of models, products, and specific articles for different types of smokers.

Other ways of rolling tobacco

Are you looking for an even simpler way to roll the perfect cigarette? Well there are some alternatives and they are all pretty great.

Although we have already explained our step by step guide on how to roll a cigarette, showing you that it is not too complex, there are not too many things easier than using a tobacco rolling machine.

At Smoking, we have all the rolling machines you can imagine. Our Metal Rolling Machines are most people’s favoured choice. They are practical, resistant, with a stunning design, and also roll the perfect cigarette.

Alternatively, there are our Standard Rolling Machines, which use the same system and are also super resistant, but also come with an original methacrylate finish.

Both of these offer a practical and simple way to roll your cigarettes. And there are even more to choose from!

If you want to know how to roll a cigarette that looks just like a pre-rolled one, the best choice for you is a cigarette tube filling machine.

Both the Standard Filling Machine and the Long Filling Machine are ideal choices. With the exclusive “Made in Smoking” design, they are very easy to use. All you have to do is put in your tobacco, your cigarette tube, and slide. Your cigarette is ready in just a few seconds!

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