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Was ist handgemachter Tabak?


Handmade tobacco is tobacco marketed in its natural form, that is, the tobacco leaf or at most in strips.

In practice, it is another alternative for smokers, especially for those who are looking for a much more natural process in the elaboration of tobacco.

It doesn’t really make much more difference to the consumer than the usual rolling tobacco. You have to shred it or use a machine for it and then make your cigarettes as you wish.

Obviously, it’s more natural. The process doesn’t include additives or other elements that can alter its composition. In fact, it should reach the consumer in a totally organic way.

What’s more, if it is called “handmade tobacco”, it should in principle be handmade by professionals. We will tell you later what this process consists of.

What does handmade tobacco contain?

Handmade tobacco contains tobacco leaves. It can be sold whole or shredded, even though you will always have to make sure that it is cut into tiny threads to roll your cigarettes.

The tobacco leaf has its own components, including nicotine among others. A curious thing is that, depending on the height of the leaf, the level of nicotine is higher or lower, and the aroma or even its colour can also change.

In fact, in case you didn’t know, the tobacco leaf even has sugar in its composition. So it is a natural product that, of course, has its components. What you can be sure of is that it doesn’t contain artificial elements that have been added later.

How is handmade tobacco produced?

We are going to see how handmade tobacco is produced from two points of view: the manufacturer and the consumer.

The company responsible for bringing your handmade tobacco first has to grow it. We already know that we are discovering nothing new here, but there is something important and it is that both the cultivation and its subsequent drying are done in a completely natural way.

When the tobacco is ready, it is harvested and packaged. However, the fact that it is not manufactured tobacco doesn’t mean that it can be done in any way.

Unmanufactured tobacco also has regulations and quality standards that must be met. For example, the product must be homogeneous, without parasites and dust-free.

The company takes care of all this. How does it do it? Every company has its own method, but if it wants to be considered natural tobacco, it can’t have any chemical or artificial element.

The same goes for transport. The ideal thing is that it is done with the maximum security and with the total preservation of the tobacco’s properties, both in flavour, aroma and humidity of the leaf.

However, if you want to take advantage of handmade tobacco, you have to bear in mind the fact that what you can buy is the tobacco leaf or the strip, i.e. the raw material.

You have to remove the central stems and the leaf’s veins. With what you have left, you will have to use a tobacco leaf mincer to obtain strands.

Then you just have to roll or pipe your cigarettes as you wish to start enjoying your natural tobacco.

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