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Was ist ein Blunt?


Have you ever heard the word blunt? Although many people believe that a blunt is equal to a joint, the truth is that this word refers to a type of cannabis cigarette with special characteristics.

In fact, one of those great peculiarities is that the blunt is not wrapped in smoking paper but in tobacco leaves. Undoubtedly, this feature makes the blunt have a taste, smell, combustion, and effect quite different from the conventional joint.

As for tastes, the love or hate for the blunt depends on what each smoker is looking for when smoking. And if you want to try smoking a blunt, keep in mind that rolling it with tobacco leaves requires practice, so perhaps the first sensation when smoking is not the definitive one.

Why is it called a blunt?

Another curious thing about blunts sis the origin of its name, which has nothing to do with the world of marijuana. The blunt owes its name to the brand of cigarettes Phillies Blunt, a very famous American company from years ago. 

The Phillies Blunt brand had cigars that were larger than a cigarette but smaller than the classic size of the cigar, a cigar model with a size very similar to the current blunt. Therefore, due to their similar size, marijuana cigars rolled with tobacco leaves were named after the legendary American cigar company.

What differentiates it from a joint?

Smoking a blunt provides a rather different experience than a joint offers. Those who manage to enjoy the characteristics of a blunt highlight infinities of particularities that make it above a joint in terms of:

  • Taste: lovers of blunts claim that the aroma and flavor of blunt is much more intense and with greater personality due to the tobacco leaves that surround the cigarro. In addition, it offers a large number of options to be able to combine different tobacco leaves with which to achieve different flavors and smells. 
  • Slower combustion: particularity that is very prominent for those who seek to enjoy marijuana without hurry, being able to slowly enjoy each puff. 
  • Effects: the combination of tobacco leaves and cannabis makes the sensations greater and more intense in terms of effects.
  • Comfort and versatility: blunts, if compared to other methods, are much easier to transport, roll and smoke. 

However, there are also reasons why other people do not choose blunts when it comes to smoking. The smell, the intense flavor, the harsh smoke and those additional dizziness effects are usually the main reasons why some smokers prefer other ways to enjoy marijuana, such as with brown king size cones.  Therefore, they are usually chosen to smoke outside the home and sometimes where there is no hurry.

How to roll a blunt

Do you want to easily learn how to roll a blunt? Follow these steps and with a little practice you will soon be rolling like a boss!

  1. Choose a quality blunt leaf, which is not too old, because it may have dried out. The choice of flavours is down to you.
  2. Get your weed ready. Ideally use a good grinder to perfectly grind your product.
  3. Moisten the blunt with saliva or dip your finger in water. This will stop any rips or tears forming.
  4. Add the content of the blunt. Be sure to consider the size, it should be a little bigger than other options.
  5. Start to roll with the blunt between your index finger and thumb. This will help you to evenly fill your blunt.
  6. Quickly and gently fold over the tab.
  7. Moisten the leftover section inside of the paper.
  8. Roll a little more and even out the weed until it is completely rolled and the blunt is fully sealed.
  9. Heat the blunt. You can do this easily with a lighter at a distance so that it does not burn.
  10. Now you can light it and enjoy your blunt!

It is not easy to roll a blunt. It requires practice, so don’t worry if you do not get it the first time. Keep on trying and you’ll soon be rolling the perfect blunts.

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