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Wiederverwendbare Filter: Was sind sie und wie benutzt man sie?


If you like rolling tobacco, you already know that you usually have to buy filters or choose some of the proposals with tips included.

The dynamic is always the same: a cigarette, a filter. But, is there an alternative? Yes, the reusable filters!

In fact, they are becoming a must-have for many smokers who prefer to use reusable filters in their own style.

What are reusable filters?

Reusable filters are filters designed with materials that allow them to be used several times. These materials are able to reduce the toxins consumed by a smoker, depending always on the model used.

You have several examples of reusable filters at Smoking Paper. Take a look at the Active filters, they are one of the most popular ones.

They are a little thinner than conventional cigarettes, 100% of vegetal origin, and with natural coconut inside.

Their biggest advantage is the active carbon they are made of, a total trend among smokers. The carbon is present in small pellets capable of retaining the particles of whatever is being smoked, thanks to its excellent absorbent properties.

As an alternative, you have the Active Brown filters, which are reusable and also a more environmentally sustainable option.

How are reusable filters used?

In practice, reusable filters are used like an ordinary filter. Choose the model you like best and roll your cigarette as you prefer.

When you are done, remember to take it out. If you accidentally throw it away, don’t worry, it happens to most people, especially at the beginning. Simply pick up another one and that’s it.

However, the best thing to do is to reuse the reusable filter. It’s not much of a mystery. Remove it from what’s left of the cigarette and clean it as much as you need to. You can use it again right away or later with a new one. It’s that easy!

How many uses do they have?

When it comes to the potential uses of reusable filters, there is some disagreement. In theory, these filters can be reused as many times as you want, but some people don’t even reuse them. They get them because they prefer them to other alternatives.

OK, let’s say you want to reuse them. In reality, you can usually use them 3 to 7 times without any problem, as long as you clean them a bit. It all depends on how much and how dirty they get when you use them, how you get them optimally clean and, of course, your personal preferences.

In the end, they are really all advantages:

  • These filters help you not to spend as much as with ordinary filters, who are not reusable.
  • Thanks to the active carbon, they help you reduce the toxins of the cigarette.
  • The Brown option is the most environmentally-friendly one, which is always a plus.
  • The formats such as the ones we have shown you have a slightly thinner diameter. Perfect if they are your style.
  • They are sold in packs of 30, so even if you throw them away or they get so dirty that you prefer a new one, you will always have your reusable filters at hand to make your cigarettes.

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