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Wie man ein L-Joint dreht. Die wichtigsten Schritte


If you already know how to roll a cigarette and want to learn new tricks, in this guide we explain to you, step by step, how to roll an L.

This is one of the classic formats for many smokers, especially to put weed in it and enjoy its flavour for a long time.

In terms of dimensions, an L is equivalent to a cigar made with a paper and a half, hence its characteristic size. But even though it is quite a bit bigger, it is actually very easy to make and, as they say, practice makes perfect. So let’s get to work!

What do you need to roll an L?

Before you go wildly throwing papers together, gather the necessary elements. Make sure you don’t lack anything:

  • Rolling papers: at the beginning, it is logical that you do not get it perfect, so gather several papers to try them out. With Smoking papers, you have the advantage that the gum is of 100% natural vegetable origin, without colourings or additives. This way you will get a better stick in a single pass. Once you have mastered how to roll an I, you will only need 2 papers for each one.
  • Tobacco (or weed): approximately the equivalent of 1 and a half cigars.
  • Grinders: to prepare the tobacco or the marijuana well. At Smoking, you have some cool designs, such as the Blue Grinder Good Time For, with its diamond-shaped teeth that give you a perfect grind. It also has a tank and pollinators so that there are no leftovers.
  • Lighter: obvious, isn’t it?

Steps on how to roll an L

Here’s how to make an L of weed step by step. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect at first. I’m sure that as you practise you’ll get better at it and you’ll be able to make spectacular L’s.

Step 1- Prepare the paper

First, take two rolling papers and place them one on top of the other to form an L. This is precisely the shape that gives this preparation method its name. To do this, simply lay one vertically and the other horizontally.

If you are just starting to learn how to make an L, follow this tip: remove a little bit of paper on the horizontal part and it will look more like a number 1. It will be much more comfortable, you’ll see.

Step 2- Add the marijuana

Before you add the marijuana, make sure that a strip of adhesive remains on the top. This is what will help you fix everything in place at the end.

Place the weed underneath the adhesive strip, but don’t overdo it. You have to leave enough paper at the bottom and roll up the ends of the paper to get a light compression.

For the first few times, we recommend adding a filter. By doing so, you will be able to use it as a pattern to determine the diameter and know better how much weed you need to put in.

Step 3- It’s time to roll

This is the key step! Once you have everything in place, start rolling the area where the marijuana is with your thumb and forefinger.

Don’t try to filigree, at least not at first. Use both hands to roll everything evenly and get a nice L shape. You can press your thumb a little around the filter if you want to give it a characteristic shape.

Step 4- Press everything

To be able to smoke comfortably we need to press everything well. You can use a small object to press down on the open end.

The aim is to keep the weed compact inside, with no hollow spaces. Do the typical tapping gesture on the end if necessary.

At the end, close the I and twist all the leftover paper. Use a pair of scissors to cut it or simply burn the cap.

Now you know how to roll an L, all the steps you need from start to finish. If you want to try something even simpler, think about how to make an L with a short paper. It’s the same steps, but the result is smaller and therefore more manageable.

Of course, there are many more techniques. In our guide, you will find tips and tricks to discover new methods and be able to smoke the way you like.

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