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Wie man einen Cone zum rauchen vorbereitet


Smoking cones are the new trend on the market. This special type of paper, already pre-rolled and ready to smoke, has caused a huge sensation for people who are looking to save rolling time without having to sacrifice quality or new experiences with every puff. 

Smoking Paper smoking cones have everything you need to smoke them straight out of the box. There is nothing more to do than break the seal and enjoy as it is a pre-rolled smoking paper, with the mouthpiece in place and a cone shape to fill with tobacco or weed and …. enjoy! 

In fact, such is its popularity that at Smoking Paper they offer different types, models and formats of cones such as the Deluxe KS Cone, the Brown Giga Size Cone, the Brown KS Cone, the Brown Cone and the Deluxe KS Bulk Cone.

What is a smoking cone?

A cone is a type of paper that is pre-rolled in the shape of a cone to simplify the preparation of a cigar or joint. The paper, being pre-rolled in the shape of a cone, offers a larger amount of space for those who want to fill it with tobacco or weed.  

Nowadays there are different types of cones depending on their size, from the smallest (1 ¼) which measures 78 mm to the L size or the King Size of 110 mm, a cone that helps to simplify the moment of rolling. Also, remember that all Smoking Paper models have a built-in mouthpiece so that you only have to refill it and that’s it! 

And because they are made of high quality, lightweight paper, Smoking Paper cones offer a unique experience without losing quality, flavour or texture with every puff. That’s how easy and simple it is to enjoy the experience of a cone in just a couple of minutes. 

How can we prepare a cone?

Making a cone requires no more skill than rolling a piece of paper into a cone shape. However, thanks to the prefabricated cones from Smoking Paper you no longer need to press the paper carefully to get the right shape. Now all you have to do is:

  • Step 1

Choose the Smoking Paper cone that best suits you and your needs.

  • Step 2

Remove the seal and pull off the wrapper. Remove the seal and wrapper.

  • Step 3

Add the weed, tobacco or hash. Add the weed, tobacco or hash to the end of the cone. 

  • Step 4

Modify the shape of the cone. Modify the shape of the cone if the shape of the cone has become irregular when pouring the tobacco. 

  • Step 5

Shape the cone with your hands until you get a smooth shape. Shape the cone with your hands until the desired result is achieved. 

  • Step 6

Press the tobacco into the cone. Press the tobacco in a little bit and… enjoy!

The best smoking cones

When it comes to choosing your ideal cone, you’ll need to consider what you’re looking for in order to choose the perfect Smoking Paper cone. 

From the smallest to the largest options like the King Size format, if you are looking for a smoking cone, don’t think twice, visit the Smoking Paper website and start enjoying a different experience with your unique cone! 

Choose the Smoking Paper model you like the most and start to enjoy smoking in a different way, don’t miss the opportunity to try a new way of smoking!

How to prepare a cone shaped joint

Now you know all about smoking cones, you can see just how easy they are to prepare. However, you may still want to prepare your own joints with King Size papers.

In which case, preparing a cone shaped joint can be a little more complicated, as you don’t have the benefit of a pre-rolled Smoking cone. But a little practice is all it takes.

Follow these steps to learn how to make a cannabis cone:

  • Step 1: wrap the tip with the adhesive at the top of the inside part of the paper.
  • Step 2: put as much weed as you like in the central channel.
  • Step 3: create the cone shape (the most difficult part). To do this, just fold the excess paper with your thumbs, lightly pressing it down. Then put the paper in the flower and you will see your joint taking shape.
  • Step 4: moisten the adhesive if you want it to stick better, finish rolling it and press the weed further in with a utensil like a pen.
  • Step 5: carefully light the joint, doing your best to make sure the whole end is burning evenly.

As you can see, preparing a cone shaped joint is not too hard, but using any pre-rolled smoking cone is always far simpler.

One extra tip: use rolling trays to prepare your joints. The weed needs to be well ground or crumbled so that it is evenly spread out throughout the paper. That way we won’t waste anything either!

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