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Wie man Rauchringe machen kann


Do you also want to learn how to make big smoke rings, without breaking and coughing in the attempt?

Below we explain step by step how to make smoke rings with the simplest possible technique. We recommend patience and perseverance! Based on practice, in a very short time you will be able to make perfect smoke rings.

How to Make Large Smoke Rings

Follow the steps below in which we explain how to make smoke rings for beginners:

Inhale the smoke

To learn how to make smoke rings, the first step is inhalation, which must be done partially.

Try to keep the smoke not only in your mouth, but also in your throat. It is very common during the first attempts to cough a little, so keep practicing and you will be able to do it perfectly.

Move your tongue

The position of the tongue plays a decisive role in learning to make smoke rings of any size.

You should move your tongue to the back of your throat. To do this, keep your mouth closed while pushing your tongue back. Try to keep the tip down (toward the base of your mouth), so that when you exhale the smoke comes out of your lips. But that step comes later!

U-shaped mouth

Stick out your tongue a little and put your mouth in a “U” shape as if you were going to say it, but without making any sound.

Keep in mind that the opening of the mouth will allow the size of the ring. Therefore, the bigger it is, the better. However, you should not force and you should maintain comfort at all times.

Exhale the smoke

It’s time to make the smoke rings! Exhale small amounts of the smoke you keep out.

You should feel as if you are pushing the smoke through your lips, with a soft throat whisper, without making any sound.

For perfect technique, keep your lower jaw still and try to expel only a small amount of the air you have in your lower throat.

The lips also have to be fixed while air comes out of the mouth. Your tongue must be kept behind to accumulate enough smoke with which to form a ring and enough breath with which to push it out of the mouth.

Tips for making smoke rings without breaking

Learning how to make smoke rings that, in addition, do not break as soon as they go out, is something that is hardly achieved at the first attempt. For this reason, in addition to the step-by-step guide we have shared with you, we also want to give you some useful tips with which to acquire a perfect technique.

First of all, use appropriate cigarettes. In our smoking papers you can choose the one that best serves you to make your smoke rings. Ideally, they should be small cigarettes and as pressed as possible.

In addition, it is preferable to try it (at least at first) with cigarettes that have a denser smoke. This way it will be easier to both form the rings and keep them longer, especially if you want to make them large.

A useful way to learn each step is to practice in front of the mirror. So you can see how you make each movement and improve until you get to make the smoke rings you are looking for.

We also recommend watching videos on how to make smoke rings. In this way you can see directly how those who have already mastered the technique do them and you can copy those movements that also serve you.

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