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Die Wahl zwischen Industrie-und Selbstdrehtabak


The two most common options among smokers are roll-your-own tobacco and industrial tobacco. Both have differences, pros and cons. We tell you all about them below.

Which is better: rolling tobacco or industrial tobacco?

In addition to personal preference over a brand of tobacco and its format, there are differences to consider when choosing between roll-your-own tobacco or industry smoking tobacco. We look mainly at the concepts of price, nicotine, preparation and consumption.


As for the price, rolling tobacco is cheaper. In theory the reason is that it is the consumer who has to prepare each cigarette.

Although this usually involves buying rolling paper or tubes and filtersapart from the tobacco itself, in sum it is cheaper than the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes dispensed in any machine or tobacconist.


There has been a lot of debate regarding the amount of nicotine in roll-your-own tobacco compared to industrial tobacco.

It is also not possible to say that all brands of tobacco have the same amount of nicotine, so we must speak in general terms. And based on this, it is verifiable that rolling tobacco usually has a greater amount of nicotine.

However, this depends on several factors. In the first place, the preparation of the cigarette itself, since it is the consumer who decides how much tobacco to smoke in each one.

It is also important to have high quality filters, among other things precisely to reduce smoke particles and avoid tobacco strands reaching the mouth.

Finally, and most important of all, the tobacco you consume. All the elements of the composition are indicated on the tobacco pack and you can easily check what you are buying.

Preparation and consumption

One of the biggest attractions of roll-your-own tobacco is that the consumer is the one who prepares their own cigarettes. This has many benefits.

To begin with, it allows cigarettes to be completely tailored to the preferences of each person, while industrial tobacco is always arranged in the same way according to the characteristics of each brand.

The consumption of cigarettes with rolling tobacco is also lower precisely because of the requirement of having to prepare each cigarette. While industrial tobacco is ready for consumption, rolling tobacco requires having all the elements of its preparation and the time necessary to prepare each cigarette.

Is roll-your-own or industrial tobacco better?

As you can see, it is difficult to decide whether rolling or industrial tobacco is better. It depends on many things, mainly the type of tobacco we smoke and, in the case of the cigarettes we make, the amount of tobacco we use each time.

Everything depends on your own taste and preferences. 

Tips and advice for choosing between industrial or rolling tobacco

The first advice is that you do not consider the decision based on whether it is worse to smoke industrial or rolling tobacco, because as we have seen it depends on many aspects. What you can consider is how you consume each type of tobacco.

If rolling tobacco requires you to prepare each cigarette and you notice that your consumption is considerably reduced, this option is more recommended. On the other hand, you will also save up money.

In the event that you do not like to prepare them and it is a frustration to have to make each cigarette, industrial tobacco solves this problem. However, you can also try another type of rolling paper, which is still easier for you to take advantage of.

The important thing is that you find your optimal way of smoking, with which you get the experience you are looking for and with a brand of tobacco that suits your taste.

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