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Ist es möglich, Cannabis mit LED-Lampen anzubauen?


In order to have the perfect marijuana for your grinder and smoking tray and to roll, you first have to grow your plant, a process which requires some basic attention to details. Lighting is one of the most important factors.

When it comes to lighting, we are sure you have heard of LED spotlights. They have a range of benefits. But, what about when it comes to growing marijuana?

Well, let’s see. We will tell you if you can use LED spotlights to grow marijuana and what characteristics they should have.

Can you grow with LED spotlights?

The key question is if we can use LED spotlights for an indoor marijuana grow, and the good news is yes; we can.

This is fantastic because it allows us to take advantage of the benefits that this type of lighting offers for our grows:

  • Reduced consumption: up to 70% less than traditional lighting.
  • More durability: up to 11 years of service life (this can be used for up to four indoor grows of three months).
  • Less watering and fertilizers required: because the heat level is less.
  • Safer: No UV or infrared rays are emitted.
  • Increased production: some grows are up to 2 g/w/m2, which is double the normal rate.
  • More sustainable: with LED lighting, the contaminating emissions are far fewer.

How to grow with LED spotlights?

The fact that you can grow marijuana with LED spotlights does not mean that we can do so without taking into account all of the specifics of this type of lighting.

If you want to use LED spotlights for your indoor grow, here is everything you need to consider before you get started:

Growth stage

Marijuana plants go through different growth stages and the lighting requirements at each stage can be different.

During the vegetative stage low intensity light should be used or the light must be kept as far away as possible.

During the generative stage you need to use the full power of the LED spotlights, ideally with red diodes.

If you select full spectrum LED lights you can choose the tones you need for each stage.

Height and distance

LED spotlights do not generate much heat, so can be used at a closer distance. In general, with 300W you should place them at around 40 cm away.

The higher the wattage, the further away the spotlight should be. For example, a 400W light should be around 60 cm away, a 1,000W light should be up to 120 cm away.

Pot size

In general, it is recommended to use pots from 7 to 11 liters in size when using LED spotlights to grow marijuana.

If you have already grown before, make sure that these pots are smaller than the ones used with different lighting systems.

This is because LED spotlights generate less heat, and they are less likely to dehydrate the soil meaning that if the pots are too big the soil will stay damp for too long.

CO2 supplementation

We recommend using CO2 with your LED spotlight grow. This supplement will help your plants to process light energy better and you will soon see how your production increases.

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