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Was ist höchstes Zigarettenpapier?


What is Supreme rolling paper?

Here at Smoking we want to present our newest rolling paper to you, the Supreme range. Enjoy a unique and unforgettable smoking experience, thanks to the silky and ultra smooth finish of this super thin paper (unique on the market).

What is Supreme rolling paper?

Have you still not heard about Supreme papers? You may have already seen them in your favorite store, with their unmissable and eye-catching design that combines both elegance and modernity with its youthful and daring product ranges.

It is a new type of rolling paper with an ultra-thin finish that you have never tried before.

Well, now you can – and there are three available options:

  • Supreme Medium Papers: 50 standard sized papers, bleached, and with natural gum.
  • Supreme King Size Papers: 33 King Size papers, with natural gum just like the Medium range and with that ultra smooth finish that you will notice from the very first puff.
  • Supreme King Size Papers + Tips: a combination of 33 Supreme King Size papers and 33 precut tips, ready for the perfect roll.

Supreme Characteristics

The incredible texture of the Supreme rolling range is like no other and is quickly becoming a firm favorite for many.

In a recent survey, 82% of participants stated that they would choose Smoking Supreme over any other option.

The silky finish, ultra smooth texture, and unbeatable roll make for the perfect combination to enjoy a truly unique smoking experience. 8 out of 10 people also defined Smoking Supreme as a “paper for the modern age”.

The premium finish of Supreme paper is unique to the market and it also has an optimized gum formula so that you can enjoy pure flavors and an exceptional seal.

This means you will have a perfectly sealed cigarette that will remain intact from start to finish. An unbeatable smoking sensation that is becoming the favored choice for those looking for the best on the market.

And that is not all you need to know about Supreme papers. There are some other factors that Smoking have incorporated so that you can enjoy a truly supreme experience.

Natural gum

Supreme rolling paper includes our optimally formulated natural gum to enhance its properties even further.

This gum has no artificial colors or additives, which is why we can call it “natural”. You will notice it as soon as you roll your first cigarette. Not to mention its super strong adhesive properties.

Slow burn

As is the case with a lot of other Smoking Paper options, Supreme (in every format) also has that slow burn you are looking for.

This is ideal for those who want to enjoy each puff, without having to worry about getting through their smoke too quickly. It helps you to enjoy the “supreme experience” of our paper even more so.

SSL certificate

On the Supreme papers box you will clearly see our FSC certificate – and it is super important! This certificate was awarded to us because our papers come from forests that preserve their biodiversity as much as possible.

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