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Was ist Hydroponik für den Tabakanbau?


Hydroponics, a word derived from the Greek (hydro = water + ponnos = work labor) can be translated as “work in water”. Today, in addition to its direct translation from Greek, it is known and used to refer to a type of crop that uses water with nutrient solution as a planting medium.


From Smoking Paper we tell you everything about hydroponics so that your plantation grows much stronger, and you can enjoy it with the new products of the 420 range.


What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of production and planting in which the roots of plants are not found in the soil, but in a liquid nutrient solution. In this liquid solution, all the nutrients and elements necessary for its growth are dissolved. 


It is, therefore, an innovative cultivation method that, instead of soil, uses aqueous solutions with nutrients and their strata as support for the roots of plants. 


How is tobacco grown in hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a type of crop that is characterized by using water as a growing medium. To achieve this, it is necessary to immerse the roots of the plants in a nutrient solution with the necessary nutrients to ensure good crop growth. 


There are different hydroponics techniques:


  • NFT system: it is necessary to create a film of nutrient solution inside PVC pipes. At the ends of these tubes, it is necessary to have small connections so that the water runs through the entire set of pipes. PVC pipes must have holes in the upper part, where the plants are placed, so that the roots are in contact with the nutrient solution film. 


  • Floating root – for the growth of crops, it is necessary to use a liquid medium with a nutrient solution. The plants are supported by a light sheet on the liquid medium, but their roots are floating within this solution. 


  • NGS system: the roots of the plants remain in a nutrient solution in order to be able to distribute and obtain water, oxygen and nutrients efficiently. This particular system has differentlayers of polyethylene inside to distribute the solution more evenly and in layers. Thus, the roots can explore without restriction and go down to the lower layers. 


Nutrient solution for hydroponics

The nutrient solution is fundamental for the hydroponics method, but what should this nutrient solution contain? The truth is that it is nothing more than a mixture of different fertilizers dissolved in water or in another aqueous method. 


When solubilized in water, the ionization of chemical elements and their subsequent absorption by plants is achieved.  Dissolving fertilizing salts in water is a simple way to prepare this nutrient solution and supply plants with the nutrients they need. 


Fertilizer salts that can be used in the nutrient solution must have high solubility, as they must be harnessed by different types of plants.  Thus, for example, calcium nitrate or calcium sulfate can provide calcium. 

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