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Was sind LEC Lampen?


LEC technology stands for the concept of “light emitting ceramic”. Other terms with which it is known are “ceramic metal halides” or “ceramic metal halides”.

This technology is based on the replacement of quartz by a ceramic arc tube. In the world of cultivation it represents the evolution of metal halide lamps or HM lamps and HPS (High Pressure Sodium) sodium lamps.

Characteristics of LEC lighting

At a general level, LEC lighting has as its main characteristic to offer appropriate growing conditions, under standards of efficiency and sustainability.

The ceramic halides they use are more efficient than traditional alternatives and less polluting.

Other features of this lighting technology are as follows:

  • Its light spectrumis both wider and more natural than that of other lamps. For example, it can emit ultraviolet rays, as well as infrared rays similar to how the sun does, to encourage photosynthesis.
  • The heat emissionit produces is half that of other technologies, even compared to LED.
  • Its electricity consumptionis also lower, up to 50% than other lighting proposals for cultivation.
  • The useful life of a LEC bulb has also been improved to 20,000 hours compared to 10,000 associated with lamps such as HPS.

Why are LEC bulbs used for cultivation?

The advantages of LEC bulbs for cultivation are obvious. They offer a higher efficiency than any other alternative for less electricity consumption and in a less polluting way.

In addition, the market is continuously expanding with different models of LEC lamp, so that we can find from options of 3,000K to 10,000K, to use in a more timely manner, depending on the flowering phase in which the plant is.

However, like the rest of lighting systems, there are certain conditions that we must meet, such as an adequate distance from the focus or a fully optimized indoor room so that the crop develops as well as possible.

Are there alternatives?

As with marijuana paraphernalia, also in lighting we have a wide variety of elements to choose from. Of all of them, LED lamps represent the best alternative to LEC bulbs for growing indoor plants.

They are also very effective and, although their electricity consumption is higher, it is still well below other lighting proposals. It is also a low-polluting technology, despite not reaching the levels of the LEC foci.

In addition, with LED lighting we can regulate the intensity of the light, in order to adapt it better according to the moment of growth in which the plant is.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) lamps are also called “growth lamps”, because they are recommended precisely at this stage. There are several powers to choose from and they have a fairly wide durability. An alternative to LEC bulbs for indoor cultivation that will also offer you very positive results.

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