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Die besten Raucher-Geschenke


Are you looking for some gifts for smokers? You’re in the right place! As Smoking we have everything you need for pleasing and surprising gifts.

Check out our website to see a wide range of special gifts. Below, we have suggested a few original alternative gift options for smokers. We’re sure you’ll love them!

Why not give our papers as a gift?

Did you know that the Smoking paper family continues to grow? Now we have the Supreme range, for a supreme experience. A unique super thin rolling paper that cannot be found anywhere else on the market, so that you can enjoy each toke better than ever before.

It also comes with a different and special design that is unique to Supreme rolling papers.

And of course, they come in a whole range of options:

This paper also has an optimized gum formula, a silky finish and smooth texture. There is nothing like it, and it is a sure-fire hit of a gift for smokers!

Exclusive Smoking centenary papers

Smoking paper is celebrating its 100 year milestone in the market. It’s come around so quick, we feel like we haven’t stopped!

That is why we have come up with our special commemorative “Smoking 100 YEARS” design that you can find on selected products. It can be seen on our rolling paper with the same quality as always, but with this unique and one off design, ideal for collectors.

However, it is not the only thing we are doing to celebrate our centenary year. This is going to be a huge one! Keep an eye on our website and social media pages to see what else we have planned.

Cones are always fun

If you are looking for a surprise gift for a smoker, our smoking cones will definitely hit the spot, especially if your giftee has never tried them before! And, if they have, then we know they will want more!

At Smoking we have smoking cones available in different sizes, all pre-rolled and with incorporated tips. Total convenience!

You can buy them individually or in packs. The perfect gift to share and enjoy each other’s company!

Why not give a grinder as a gift?

Among the best possible gifts for 420 fans is a classic grinder, and at Smoking we have a wide range of cool designs to choose from.

There are a lot of models on offer, all made with love and care, as can be seen in their colors and designs. You’ll want to get one for yourself too!

Perfect quality grinding. Grind your product to perfection, and roll yourself your ideal cigarette.

Don’t forget a rolling tray

A little extra tip: make sure not to waste anything! Gift your buddy a rolling tray from our collection (and get one for yourself too!). They are real works of art with exclusive designs and shapes with edges to make sure that nothing is spilled.

Of course you can! Go all in and buy a grinder and tray kit so that your special someone has everything they need to prepare, roll, and smoke whenever they like.

Still undecided? Visit our online store and product range and see everything that Smoking has to offer with its same guaranteed quality as always. We are sure you’ll find the perfect gift for that lucky individual, or for you, because you deserve it too!

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