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Wie man Marihuana manikürt


Marijuana cultivation involves many processes that require attention. One of the most important ones is manicuring. 

Manicuring marijuana is a highly recommended task, both for aesthetic purposes and for improved consumption. 

Let’s explain what this process entails and what methods are available for it:

What does it mean to manicure marijuana

Manicuring marijuana involves trimming the sugar leaves from the buds after the branches have been removed from the plant. 

This action helps present buds with a better appearance, but it also improves the aroma. By removing these leaves, the terpenes become more prominent. You’ll notice this even more when preparing the material with your preferred marijuana accessories. 

Manicuring also promotes a smoother smoke, enhancing your overall enjoyment of consumption. 

Lastly, manicuring marijuana is considered to create a more balanced ratio between plant material and cannabinoids due to the fact that the majority of trichomes are found in the buds, while the percentage of trichomes on the removed leaves is minimal.

Methods used for marijuana manicuring

Below, we outline the most commonly used methods for manicuring marijuana. Typically, one of the following three options is chosen:

Fresh manicuring 

Fresh manicuring (also known as “wet” manicuring) involves preparing the buds for drying and curing without performing the process later on. 

This means that all leaves, including those with stems inside the buds, are removed while the plant is still fresh. 

If you choose to manicure marijuana in its fresh state, we recommend doing so if you are cultivating in humid environments where increased bud transpiration is necessary. 

It is a quick process and adds convenience when working with the buds later on, but it requires skill. Keep in mind that you may accidentally transfer resin to the buds, affecting their flavor.

Fresh and dry manicuring

If you are looking for a finer finish for your plants, fresh and dry manicuring is the best option. It involves removing the leaves from the plant while it is fresh, but keeping the ones that cannot be cut from the stem because they are inside the buds. 

Once the plant is manicured, you hang it to dry, and when it has dried, you trim the remaining leaves without the risk of resin contamination. 

It is true that it involves double the work, but the result is worth it. You will achieve better flavor in the buds and find it easier to extract resin.

Dry manicuring 

Cut the plant at the stem and hang it to dry, leaving all the leaves intact (or removing only the larger ones). 

With this process, the leaves protect the buds from light and air, ensuring a more even and effective drying, which is ideal for low-humidity drying spaces. 

It is an easier and quicker method of manicuring until the final step, although you may find it more challenging to separate the material for resin extraction.

Can marijuana be dried without manicuring?

Manicuring marijuana is a completely optional process, but it is highly recommended. If you choose not to manicure, the buds will have a poor appearance, but more importantly, their flavor will be of lower quality. 

Keep in mind that the leaves will contribute chlorophyll to the smoke, so when you smoke it, you will notice an unpleasant taste. 

Manicuring the plant is simpler than you might imagine. Additionally, there are different methods available, so choose the one you prefer and you will notice the difference.

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