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Wie macht man einen guten Filter zum Rauchen?


The filter for smoking weed or tobacco is one of the most important elements when rolling your perfect cigarette or joint. But many times we don’t think about it!

If you do not have any at hand, we teach you how to make a filter for smoking in a simple and effective way.

Of course, the ideal is to have enough filters so that you do not find yourself in this situation. The solution? Choose from the wide variety of smoking filters that we have in Smoking Paper and you will not have to worry about it.

Now, if you want to learn how to make a filter for smoking indoors with what you have on hand, follow the instructions below.

What is the smoking filter?

Let’s start with the essentials, that is, knowing what we are talking about. When we refer to the filter to smoke we refer to that element that is in the back of the cigarette, of a material normally harder and more spongy than paper and that, in the first instance, is manufactured in order to filter toxic particles from the smoke.

Steps to make a smoking filter

Out of necessity or because you want to do some crafts, you want to make a homemade smoking filter. If so, then follow these steps to get it right:

Choose the material

You can make a filter for smoking with many raw materials. Ideally, you should choose cardboard, however, you have at your disposal all kinds of cardboards, with different weights. We recommend a piece that is not too thick, sufficiently moldable and that is not colored.

Cut the cardboard

If you do not buy filters already prepared in advance, you have to cut the appropriate amount of cardboard for your cigarette. Note that the width is similar to that of a conventional filter; However, the length must be higher. This is because you have to roll the cardboard on itself so that it has the appropriate dimensions.

Make the shape of the filter

Did you know that there are different forms of filters for smoking? They are already classic icons of smokers, especially the most advanced models. The normal or basic is to take a filter and fold it like an accordion at the end. Take its end, roll it with your fingers and form a cylinder. You will see that the shape that has remained inside resembles a W.

You can also get the shape of a heart without much difficulty. You have to take the filter, fold a small part at its end and with a tool roll the cardboard on both sides. This way you will get it to have a heart shape.

And there are many more variants! The star, the Mercedes, the spiral or the marijuana leaf are some of the best known.

Place the filter

You already have the filter ready, so you just have to place it carefully and adjusted to the paper, so that it works perfectly. When you have it on, you can light the cigarette and take puffs through the cardboard filter you have created on your own.

Is it better to smoke with a filter or without a filter?

Using the filter to smoke is much better than doing it without it. It is true that for many smokers it is a matter of personal preference, but if we look at the advantages, the “filtered” option wins by far.

To begin with, because a filter manages to give stability to the whole cigarette. It doesn’t warp as easily as if you didn’t have a filter. If you share it with more people, it is even more important that you manage to keep its structure as fixed as possible.

The cardboard filter also facilitates optimal airflow, which means you don’t have to make as much force on each puff.

Finally, a smoking filter provides you with a holding space. It does not seem important, until you realize that this way you can smoke more content, without having to burn your fingers in the last puffs and without wasting anything.

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