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Wie man die richtige Tabaktasche auswählt


Rolling tobacco has many advantages. It allows you to make your cigarettes as you wish, prepare them when you want and it’s cheaper, so it’s all advantages. If you also enjoy it with Smoking rolling paper, so much better!

However, there is the “inconvenience” of transport. Carrying a tube or a rolling tobacco bag is a bit uncomfortable. Even if you prepare them at home, where do you keep your cigarettes? You can’t carry them loose in your bag, they will get damaged and fill the bag with shavings.

This is where the rolling tobacco case comes, an accessory with both advantages and disadvantages but that in general we recommend to use whenever you can.

What’s more, we are going to show you some examples of Smoking rolling tobacco cases that surely are going to interest you.

Should a case be used for rolling tobacco?

Obviously, everyone is free to carry their rolling tobacco as they want. If you use these accessories, we can assure you that your tobacco will be protected, well preserved and within reach at all times.

Do you prefer another alternative? Choose the one you are most comfortable with! The most important thing is that you can have your rolling tobacco whenever you want and with all the comfort of the world.

What we can tell you with the rolling tobacco cases is that you won’t have any inconvenience.

Advantages and disadvantages of a rolling tobacco case

Everything has its positives and negatives. Rolling tobacco cases also have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see them one by one, shall we?


Look at the Smoking Tobacco Box. It is a metallic, hermetic, nice and light small box. You can take it anywhere!

Put your rolling tobacco inside and you can have it whenever you want. You just have to open it, take the quantity you want and roll your cigarette. Everything is ready in a few seconds and the tobacco is well kept.

They are not big or heavy accessories, in fact, they are designed so you can carry them in your bag or even in your pocket. You have to recognise that the phone is more uncomfortable to carry and you always have it with you!

Let’s say you don’t want to roll your cigarettes in the middle of the street or while you are having a drink with others, completely understandable!

That’s why you have the Smoking Cigarette Case. Elegant, practical, resistant, isn’t it cool? It’s a super useful accessory to carry with you and it’s also very light, you won’t even notice you are carrying it.

In addition, it has a total Smoking style, with the logo on the top. Surely it goes with your style.

On a practical level, there are no objections. Its closure is hermetic and can perfectly keep up to 14 cigarettes.


Your mobile phone, your house keys, your sunglasses, different items and all types of things you always carry with you, and now the rolling tobacco case!

Ok, it’s clear that it is one more object you have to carry in your pocket or find a place to carry it with you. But a small tobacco box would be the same. Besides, here they are even more protected and with a sophisticated style that makes you think about it.

It is also true that it has a limited capacity, but they are designed to go out for a while and smoke some rolled cigarettes or prepare an express cigarette.

Tips for choosing a rolling tobacco case

If you choose your rolling tobacco case you won’t have objections, because you are sure to love the design and we assure you that the protection of the tobacco is perfect.

In any case, if you are looking for the perfect rolling tobacco case, make sure that it is resistant, with a closure that doesn’t open at any moment and that keeps the product inside well.

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