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Wie kann man eine Zigarette ohne Feuer anzünden?


It’s happened to all of us: you’ve just rolled a cigarette, you go to light it and… you’ve forgotten your lighter! Then, for whatever reason you cannot just pop out and buy one or it’s night time and everything is closed…

Next, you start to think about possible solutions and wonder how on earth you’ll be able to light your cigarette without a lighter. It’s true, right? Well, don’t worry! At Smoking Paper we have got some fool proof tricks to help you light your cigarette without a lighter or even a flame!

How to light a cigarette without a lighter

Yes, you read it right! Lighting a cigarette without a lighter is possible, and these tips will come in handy for one of those days when you forget your precious lighter or you’re unable to go and buy a new one. 

Whether you’re stuck at home or just can’t get home, we’ve got four unique solutions for how to light your cigarette without a lighter, they’re all magic! 

Anzünden einer Zigarette mit dem Cerankochfeld oder Toaster

The heat from a hob or the strands inside a toaster are the best way to light a cigarette if you haven’t got a lighter. Be very careful not to burn your fingers and don’t leave your cigarette touching your household appliances for too long. If you slowly place your cigarette closer and closer to this alternate heat source, you’ll soon see how it starts to light. 

Car lighter

One of the best! However, nowadays, not all cars come with a cigarette lighter. If you are one of the lucky ones, just head out to your car and put your cigarette in the lighter. It will light in a matter of seconds! 

Use the sun

Something as simple as using the sun’s heat may just be the best possible solution for your cigarette lighter woes. If you are out an about and need to light your cigarette without a lighter, you can use the sun! All you need is a small glass, a magnifying glass and a sunny day. 

Place part of the cigarette that you want to light inside the glass, hold the magnifying glass so that the sun’s rays shine directly on it, and direct the light towards the bottom of the cigarette. After a while and with a little patience, you’ll get your deserved reward!

Make sparks

Another way to light your cigarette is by making sparks. Just like on a wilderness survival programme, make some tinder out of wood chippings and some dried grass. If you have a fire striker, all you have to do is use this with the tinder to create your fire. 

If you don’t have a fire striker, there are other ways, like rubbing the positive end of an AA battery with wire-wool. Be sure not to do this inside your home or in an enclosed space!

Are electric lighters useful if you don’t have a lighter?

An electric lighter is a great solution for your kitchen or for your cigarettes. In fact, the demand for electric lighters has increased dramatically thanks to their convenience and usability.

This device allows you to create fire through electricity, you’ll never have to go without! Plus, as it has a lithium battery, it doesn’t need gas or oil to work so is more eco-friendly. An electric lighter is the perfect companion for some of  the sustainable products available at Smoking Paper, such as Blue Tree Free Rolls, Brown Rolls and Deluxe Rolls.


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