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Alles, was Du über Kief wissen musst


Kifi has been making a name for itself lately. Not that is anything new, but marijuana consumers are causing a real “Kifi fever”, thanks to how fast the tips are spreading online.

We are going to tell you everything about this substance and why it has become so popular among smokers.

What is Kifi?

Kifi is its most well-known name, but is not the only one. Maybe you have heard it referred to as kief or cannabis pollen.

It is actually a high-potency cannabis concentrate because of the amount of trichomes it contains.

Trichomes are resin glands found in cannabinoids and terpenes that give the plant flavour and effects.

If you have seen one before, trichomes are the sticky crystals that cover the flowers. Don’t you know what they are now?

Well, it turns out that we can extract those glands dry and as a result, we have the Kifi, whose quality will depend on the cultivation we have achieved. There is no middle ground here. If the cultivation is not well done, the taste of the Kifi won’t be pleasant. However, with good cultivation, you will discover an incredible taste that you never imagined you would associate with cannabis.

How is Kifi extracted?

One of the reasons why Kifi has become so popular, apart from its quality and taste, is because anyone can make it at home with a little bit of skill.

The easiest way is with a three-part pollinator grinder. With this accessory, you can grind the cannabis as much as you want and the Kifi crystals will stay in the lower compartment. You can then use it for whatever you want.

If you want large quantities of Kifi you will have to use other tools, such as silk clothes or special sieves. The ideal thing is to have sieves of different micronages to get a purer Kifi.

You also should pay attention to its colour. If there are traces of vegetal matter, it will have a greener tone. However, the lighter it is, the purer it is.

 Ways to use it

Once you have extracted the Kifi from the cannabis, you have many options to use it. We give you some ideas:

  • You can smoke Kifi, but it is best to use it as a complement that you can add to marijuana or tobacco. Besides, you can both sprinkle it on the outside before rolling the paper or once rolled put it on the outside, if you have moistened it before
  • You can use Kifi in some recipes. It is usually added to sauces, dressings, or even brownies. In any case, don’t forget that in any recipe with cannabis, decarboxylation is a must.
  • If you have propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, you can turn Kifi into an e-liquid and take it vaporised.
  • Kifi can even be turned into hashish. Put it on a parchment and fold it. Then apply an iron, like a hair straightener and you will see how a resinous substance that you can use for example in a bong, is created.

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