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Entdecke die neuen Supreme Rollenpapiere


We present the new Supreme papers from Smoking Paper! You may have already seen them in a few stores or other people using them to roll their cigarettes. And you will be seeing more of them!

What’s so special about them? Well, undoubtedly their soft and ultra smooth texture. In fact, they are the only papers on the market with this premium finish and the best adhesive, meaning more and more people are using them.

It’s not just us saying it. A blind study showed that 82% of those asked preferred Smoking Supreme papers over others. Furthermore, in another recent survey, 8 out of 10 people defined Supreme as a “paper for the modern age”.

Don’t miss out. Try Smoking Supreme papers for yourself and discover the super smooth touch that everybody is talking about.

There are also a wide range of options to enjoy with the new Supreme papers, so you can choose your favorite.

Supreme paper sizes

There are two different Supreme paper sizes and a papers pack with tips. Not sure of the difference? Let us explain below:

Supreme Medium Papers

The standard Supreme smoking paper. The Supreme Medium papers suit everyone, including you!

They are the ideal size to enjoy this smooth texture which will amaze anyone trying them for the first time. An unbeatable experience with each puff; no other paper has this kind of finish.

The Supreme Medium option includes 50 papers so you can roll yourself the perfect cigarette. You knew we made them with natural gum, right? Forget about artificial colors and additives, this really is a good rolling paper!

Supreme King Size Papers

If you are going big then you have got to try the Supreme King Size papers. This option includes 33 considerably well sized papers (108 x 44 mm), so that you can roll your cigarettes just the way you like.

A longer size to enjoy a longer experience. This ultra smooth paper will capture your heart from the very first puff. Just as with the Supreme Medium papers, the Supreme King Size papers are also FSC certified.

If you are not aware what that is, we have been awarded our FSC certificate because our papers come from forests that prioritize biodiversity.

Supreme King Size Papers + Tips

You always need tips! The perfect combo: Supreme King Size papers and 33 precut tips to roll the perfect smoke.

The Supreme King Size Papers + Tips is the ideal pack for every smoker, to ensure they have everything they need when it’s time to roll. 33 ultra-thin papers and 33 precut tips, all free from artificial colors and additives, making for the perfect cigarette.

Differences with other smoking papers

Apart from their super smooth design (in every sense), Supreme papers also stand out for the silky finish and ultra smooth texture of the paper, and that’s not all there is to love about them!

Why choose Supreme Papers?

Thanks to their superior resistance you can rest assured that you will be enjoying a smoke like no other.

We also have a formula to carefully optimize our gum. Why? Because it helps you to enjoy a purer taste and enjoy an unbeatable seal. You will notice the difference from the very first cigarette you smoke. It sticks perfectly and remains intact to the very end. That is why it really is a Supreme experience.

An experience that you can enjoy for even longer as the whole product range is slow burning, for a prolonged and constant taste from your new favorite paper.

Enjoy all this with the new Supreme range, a supreme experience that is redefining the pleasure of smoking.

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