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Was sind Cannabiskonzentrate?


Have you ever asked yourself what cannabis concentrates are? Well, here is a basic definition: they are trichome extracts from marijuana and have a high concentration of THC.

A little technical, right? It is much easier to understand if we explain a few parts of the cannabis plant.

These plants have a type of fungus like thin hair that covers them. You can see them with the naked eye! These are called trichomes.

Among their functions, they produce cannabinoids from the plant, which is why they have so much THC.

If we extract the trichomes using any of the multiple processes available to us, we can produce the cannabis concentrate in question, which in practice is the separation of these components in order to enjoy the full potential of their THC.

What types of cannabis concentrates exist?

Just as when you have to choose your Smoking rolling papers, tips or cones, there is a wide selection to choose from, all kinds of different types based on their production processes and materials.

The given name will be subject to what the final product actually is:

  • CO2 Oil
  • Oils and dyes
  • BHO
  • Charas
  • Full melt extracts
  • Ice water hash
  • Dry sift hash
  • Kief
  • Live Resin
  • Rosin

However, the extraction process used is what differentiates them all, mainly into two main categories: concentrates with and without solvents.

Solventless concentrates

Solventless cannabis concentrates are those obtained through processes that do not use solvents.


  • Dry concentrate
  • Dry ice concentrate
  • Ice water concentrate

Solvent concentrates

Cannabis solvent concentrates are those that use one of the following solvents for the trichome extraction process:

  • Alcohol
  • Butane
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide

Solvents are elements that facilitate the separation of trichomes from the plant itself, making the process quicker, simpler, and more effective.

The problem with solvent concentrates is that they usually require expensive equipment and also use potentially harmful substances, if not handled with care.

How are concentrates made?

There is a surprising number of processes available to produce cannabis concentrates. These are the most common:

  • Kief: filters are used to separate the trichomes from the dry buds. This can be done using grinders with multiple chambers or with a sieve.
  • Dry sift hash: this is made by heating and pressing the kief.
  • Charas: this is produced by rubbing the fresh buds between your hands (it couldn’t be any simpler).
  • Ice water hash: the famous Bubble Hash requires ice water and sacks made from a special mesh. Be careful because this method is more difficult than it looks.
  • Full melt extracts: this cannabis is dry sifted or done so with ice water.
  • BHO: also known as hash oil, this requires liquid butane to extract the trichomes.
  • Rosin: heat and pressure is used to extract a resin from the dry buds.
  • Live resin: the fresh buds are frozen and a solvent is used to separate the trichomes.

Weed wax appearance

As you can see, each process produces a different type of cannabis concentrate which, among other things, all have their own unique appearance.

  • Soft resin: known as weed wax and one of the most popular solventless concentrates.
  • Powder: this is associated with kief concentrate, which is different from others because it is a very fine golden powder.
  • Live resin: this is characteristic of Dry Sift concentrate for example (produced in blocks) or from Charas, and has a dark tone.
  • Liquid: this is the most common solvent concentrate, but its texture can vary along with the levels of THC concentrate.

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