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Smoking rolling paper

Smoking Paper is the rolling paper you have been waiting for, the small and light size Regular range is available in any kind of variety you like.

Our range of rolling papers

Our Regular paper is one of the smallest available, but it provides some big enjoyment.

It has a glue strip made with 100% natural vegetable gum, no dyes or additives of any kind. Most of our papers are slow burning to enjoy your cigarettes even more,, although we also have fast burning papers such as Orange, White and Liquorice.

Are you searching for the perfect combination? Combine the best of this light smoking paper with your own stylish filters and enjoy every toke to the max.

There are different versions of this shorter rolling paper, some with the standard option, others with the Double Window option, but they all include our lightweight paper.

Different Regular paper formats

Choose your favorite option from the selection of Smoking Paper Regular paper formats available to you:

  • Regular Blue: everybody loves the classic Smoking Blue paper. Small, light, ultra-thin, with the perfect first time stick. It is also slow burning so that you can enjoy it for longer.
  • Regular Green: are you looking for a smoking paper that makes your life easier? Then Regular Green is the ideal option. Its cut-off corners make it easier to roll. The booklet is also one of the first to incorporate a sticky tab.
  • Regular Brown: Smoking’s Brown paper is an unbleached and more sustainable rolling paper with all of the benefits of the Regular range. Wouldn’t it be great to have sustainable tips too? Then discover our Brown card smoking tips and use them with your favorite rolling paper.
  • Regular Deluxe: the perfect combination of ultra-thin paper and a slow burn, now available with our Regular paper range.
  • Regular Orange: Orange is one of our most popular options because of how easy it is to roll thanks to its supreme stick. It also uses plant based gum and includes a sticky tab. Now also in Regular format. This paper is one of the few with fast combustion.
  • Regular Organic: made from 100% BIO certified ecologically cultivated hemp. This Regular paper option is highly recommended for our environmentally conscious customers.
  • Regular Red: Our Regular rolling paper with the classic Smoking finish. This is a regular weight and slow burning paper that is the perfect size to roll however you like.
  • Regular Thinnest: for those in search of an ultra-thin paper, this is for you. This short paper is 20% lighter than the others.

Regular rolling paper properties

Our Regular rolling paper is one of the lightest papers we offer. However, it also has the best first time stick on the market.

It can also be used with your favorite Smoking rolling machine for ultimate convenience.

Our Regular paper also has a wide range of slow burning options so you can enjoy each toke for longer and savor its plant based and additive free natural gum.

If you are looking for an improvement on a classic and a shorter yet ultra-thin paper, our Regular paper is for you.