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≫ The Best Medium rolling paper ✅

Medium rolling paper

Not too big, not too small, Medium Paper is the perfect size for lots of smokers. If it’s your favorite size too, check out our Medium rolling paper range and find your perfect match. There are heaps to choose from!

Our range of Medium rolling papers

Our Medium Paper comes as a standard size in almost every version. It has the perfect dimensions for your rolling tips so that you can always roll a cigarette just to your liking.

It has 100% gum Arabic, no artificial colors or additives and is slow burning! That means you can enjoy your smoke with your favorite rolling paper for even longer!

Different Medium Paper formats

At Smoking we want to make a Medium Paper for everyone. That’s why we have a range of formats to choose from. Which is your favorite?

  • Brown rolling paper: Smoking Brown is unbleached, more sustainable and comes in the Medium size you are looking for. If you are passionate about sustainable products, use this or any other paper with our Brown card smoking tips.
  • Red rolling paper: Smoking Red is one of our historical products. It is a little heavier than the thinnest formats seen with other papers but is the perfect choice if you want that traditional feeling of what it is to hold a cigarette between your fingers.
  • Deluxe rolling paper: The combination you have been waiting for; the thinnest paper and a slow burn. Feel the intensity of each toke and enjoy a longer smoke.
  • Rice rolling paper: Did you know that Smoking Rice paper has been around since the 20s? And it is still blowing people away! Also available in the Medium Paper format.
  • Maiz corn rolling paper: Its characteristic yellow color makes it impossible to go unnoticed, with all of the benefits of the Smoking Medium Paper.
  • Master rolling paper: This thinnest rolling paper means you’ll feel every toke, and it’s slow burning too. The real “Master Medium” that is a firm favorite for many.
  • Organic rolling paper: This is the natural smoking paper you were waiting for, made from ecologically harvested 100% BIO certified hemp.

Medium rolling paper properties

Medium rolling paper is a favorite among many due to the perfect size and experience it provides through its cigarettes.

It is common to see a rolling tray with some Medium Papers on or someone with a Medium Paper in their hands preparing a cigarette, as for many it is the perfect paper for their favorite cigarette.

The thinnest paper versions are the most popular. They offer the perfect combination of a longer smoke with more intense flavors. And if you also decide to prepare your smoke by first using your grinder, then it will taste even better. Its slow burn also means that you can enjoy the intense flavors for longer.

The latest Supreme Paper revelation

Smoking’s Medium Papers have news! The new Supreme Paper range is now also available in this format.

A modern design with an ultra-thin and ultra-smooth paper like no other on the market.

Smoking Supreme Paper is bleached, made from Gum Arabic, is slow burning and is FSC certified, as it is made from trees that are from forests and plantations that respect biodiversity. Find it in Medium or King Size format and enjoy our latest offering.