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King size

King Size Rolling Paper

King Size rolling papers offer more paper to enjoy your smoke for longer. They offer a unique feel and are available in a selection of formats. There are so many variations to choose from!

King Size papers

Smoking’s King Size papers are larger than conventional papers. For many, it is the best way to enjoy every toke. There is an added bonus too – because, despite their larger size, they go perfectly with your favorite tips.

With 100% gum Arabic, no artificial colors or additives and slow burning! The best of all worlds to enjoy your King Size papers.

Different types of King Size papers

At Smoking we have King Size papers for everyone. There are different formats and finishes so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

  • King Size Blue: the thinnest and clearest rolling paper. One of our customers’ favorites. It is slow burning and has the perfect first time stick.
  • King Size Brown: this paper is unbleached making it more sustainable and it comes in King Size so that you can enjoy it for longer! We also have card smoking tips in our Brown range too, why not try them out?
  • King Size Deluxe: maximum transparency with a bomb proof resistance. A super thin alternative that will not disappoint and is surprisingly easy to roll.
  • King Size Gold: the King Size version for our Smoking Gold range, with all the quality and features you would expect.
  • King Size Organic: our favorite natural paper, now in King Size! It is made from 100% BIO certified ecologically cultivated hemp.
  • King Size Red: our iconic range is also available in King Size so that you can discover a new alternative of this super thin finish that our customers just love.
  • King Size Supreme: the latest addition to our product range, with a surprising and unique super soft finish that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Also available in King Size format!
  • King Size Master: if King Size papers are nothing new to you then the Master range is perfect if you want to show off your creative rolling skills; it is one of the lightest papers on the market.
  • King Size plus card tips: somethings just go better together, like a rolling tray and a grinder or King Size rolling papers and their tips. That’s why Smoking Paper also offers the perfect combination of King Size papers and card tips in many of its product ranges, so you can always be ready to roll!

King Size paper features

King Size papers are often chosen by smokers due to their size. Rolling cigarettes with these papers mean that they will last longer and can be enjoyed more.

In addition to being King Size they are slow burning too, just like many of the other papers available from Smoking Paper. They offer the perfect combination to allow you to enjoy more of your cigarette.

Still not sure which King Size paper is best for you? Check out our product range and discover our selection of King Size papers, each with their own unique features so you can find the perfect paper for you!